Signs which show that she likes you but is hiding it


Admiration for someone is one of the deeply felt emotions that occur when his / her personality impresses us a lot. Once a person manages to arouse interest in someone in a positive manner, there is a high chance that the feeling of liking him / her will begin to develop. The news of well-being of a person matters to the one who had got that special soft corner for him / her. Moreover, when we like a person, a feeling of pleasantness engulfs us the moment we see him / her. When we get the opportunity of interacting with a person we like, there isn’t any feeling of hatred or uneasiness in our minds and hearts due to which we can cordially talk with him/ her. One of the most important things to note is that there is a vast difference between liking and loving someone. Like is a primary emotion that occurs within a short period of time and it generally happens when a person impresses us with his / her behaviour. On the other hand, love is a deep emotion that happens only when we research and analyze a person for a longer period of time and it occurs when a person manages to attract deeply with his / her personality in such a manner that he / she becomes an inseparable part of our lives. Meanwhile, there is a strong misconception that a girl liking a boy means that that she loves him but it is totally wrong. A girl may like a boy and she might even have good friendship with him but that doesn’t mean that they are thinking of spending a lifetime with each other by marrying. As is synonymous with two good friends, a girl may like a boy and be there for him at times of need to help. Some signs which indicates that a girl likes a boy but is hiding it-

She looks around for him in a venue

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When a girl attends a function and is sure that the boy she likes is going to be invited, she constantly searches for him almost everywhere around the place and doesn’t even hesitate to ask about for him. Although there might be some questioning looks, she doesn’t seem to care about it because his presence is the one she is looking out for a source of comfort. Besides functions, a girl may even madly look about for a boy she likes in the office, college or in any place she feels that he might show up. However, if a girl doesn’t get to see a boy she likes at a place, she might feel lonely and a hint of boredom or sadness might even be visible in her face. The most interesting sight occurs when a girl’s gloomy face light up with a sparkling smile at the moment she catches sight of a boy that she adores a lot. The next moment she would happily go up to him and would not mind whiling away the time in endless gossips with him.

She calls or texts him whenever she wants

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A girl who really likes a boy doesn’t bother to call or text him at odd hours of the day to tell something interesting to him. Be it a piece of hot gossip, a breaking news, an important event or just some random talk, she would share it with him either by pinging him or dialing him immediately by finding him quickly in the contact list of her mobile phone. However, if she gets to know that he has fallen sick, then she would constantly keep checking on him either by calls or messages about whether he had gone to visit a doctor, taken the medicines at the right time or not. If she stays near him or in the same town / city/village, she might visit him at his house otherwise she can give him some comfort by constantly checking up on him every now and then through the phone.

She would often share her personal matters with him

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Talks of personal matters are only held with family and the closest of friends. Moreover, girls share her deepest personal secrets only with the persons she can totally trust. If a girl really likes a boy, she would not shy away from sharing her deep feelings with him. From her family and professional issues to the pain she has to endure when on periods or sickness, she gives away her personal secrets to him confidently without thinking. A girl can even give away strong views of her opinions to a boy she likes. Therefore, he might fully know about her real list of likes and dislikes.

She forgets all her shyness when talking to him

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A girl may laugh her loudest without hiding the abnormal sound it makes and even make totally funny expressions when talking to a boy she likes. Moreover, he may even get to see her vulnerable side when she bursts into tears or sense her strongest sense of sadness in her painful facial expressions at times during conversations

She is ready to help him without hesitation

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When a girl senses a feeling of sadness while being around the boy she likes, she makes her best efforts to console and advise him by patting his back or holding his hands. She is also eager to fulfill any task for him selflessly without seeking anything in return. When she goes out for shopping or dining with him at a restaurant, she might even pay his bills and would not take a single penny even when he later requests or forces her to do so. She may even visit him at his house and chat happily with him and his family members and spent happy hours together. She tries to make his special occasions like birthdays memorable for him.

She doesn’t mind his friendly touch

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If a girl is being touched friendly by a boy she likes, she doesn’t mind it at all and would rather continue to converse friendly with him. She doesn’t even seem to care if onlookers looks suspiciously at them and would rather happily while away the time with him without bothering about what the rest of the world is thinking