The beautiful relationship between a book and a reader

Books are one of the best companions that a person can have in his /her possessions. Apart from providing knowledge, books have the capability of completely attracting the attention of the reader thereby giving rise to a kind of intimate relationship with it literally. A good book is one which never gets boring any time for a reader and he/ she can pick it up at odd hours to find solace in it from the uncomfortable and complex situations in life. Moreover, readers can go on ranting endlessly and passionately about their favourite books to their peers. After witnessing the intense passion of a reader with his/ her favourite book, a person can also feel a wish to read it. If a reader’s peer starts engrossing himself/ herself to test the interest of the book he / she had heard so much about, it may so happen that he / she can discover its unputdownable qualities and become addicted to it. Therefore, the popularity of a good book increase mostly by word-of-mouth. However, many book lovers have today taken to write a detailed review of the book they had read on various social media sites along with a good picture of the book. For this reason, the habit of reading books has risen once again among youngsters.

The qualities due to which a book can form a beautiful relationship with a reader are-

Wonderful stress reliever

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To get relief from our burdens and lighten our minds, books can be the ultimate companion. Fiction books are the most appropriate categories of books to completely attract the troubled mind of a reader because once a person gets engaged with it, he / she can be completely taken away in the imaginary world of the story. A storyline which keeps on raising the curiosity of the reader with every turn of the page is one of the prominent aspects of a good fiction book. Fiction books can be a wonderful form of escapade for your mind from all the harsh problems of life. For this reason, investing your money in worthwhile fiction books is a great idea. Fiction books with gripping storylines will never lose its charm and will continue to entertain you for years whenever you read it.

Unjudgeable companion

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Books are, perhaps, the only entities in the world that can provide solace to a person in a perfectly unjudgeable manner. Although a book seems like a lifeless rectangular shaped object, it is one of the most powerful sources of enlightenment as it is a good harmless companion with which we can spend our time and get good knowledge to learn in return. Moreover, a book has the capability of engaging any person with its composition irrespective of his / her thoughts, caste, creed or religion. A book will provide the same kind of knowledge to any person who reads it and won’t even judge him/ her even if he / she has not understood it. So, can there be a totally perfect companion in your life than a book?

Greatest and selfless givers in the world

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It is said that knowledge cannot be stolen by anybody and thereby it always remains priceless. Books are the givers of that priceless entity called knowledge. Moreover, books do not seek anything from a reader and thereby it can be called as a selfless giver in the world. A person can gain knowledge from a book by reading it anytime and anywhere. Books are the easily available sources of enlightenment and the only entity from where knowledge can be obtained quite easily without having to make sacrifices. A knowledgeable person is a great resource of wealth for a nation as he / she can greatly help in its development.

Easily available sources of information

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Books can literally have the power of bringing the globe in the place where you are reading it. In order to receive detailed information about a place far away, what can be a better source than a book? Travelling to a place would require you to spend much money but the cheapest way in which you can find pictures and information about that destination is by reading it in a book. Therefore, it can be said that books are the perfect travelling platforms through which you can literally visit the world. From evergreen wildlife sanctuaries to ancient historical monuments, books are the places where you can find all of it from your home. Meanwhile, books can also bring alive the old historical tales of kings, queens and places in front of you vary easily as well as bring information about the latest discoveries for which someone had painstakingly carried out research works. The list of things that can be gained from books is endless. However, the best thing is that every kind of information can be received from books without having to make sacrifices.

 Timeless place of learning

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Reading a book can perfectly take away the time even before we can get a grasp of it. For this reason, it is said that reading is a beneficial and great hobby a person should inculcate in the early stages of his / her life. Gaining knowledge with the passing of time is one of the greatest aspects of reading a book. To increase the habit of reading, you should start poring over books from your preferable genres. As your love of reading increases, your relationship with books will become stronger.

Books are a perfect form of gifts to be given to your loved one. As the light of a lamp goes on spreading its brightness to hundreds of other lamps thereby destroying darkness, so will the light of knowledge increase when sharing and reading of books rises. With the spreading of knowledge, the world will become a better place to live as illiteracy, superstitions and other forms of social evils will be destroyed and development will take place.