The literal unbreakable bond of Harry Potter and the Potterheads


British author JK Rowling’s fantastical fiction book series Harry Potter still continues to wave its rich literary magic among the minds of readers. It is quite true that each Harry Potter fan would delightfully go on reading again and again about his amazing adventures without feeling bored at all. For the fans of the Boy Who Lived, the seven volumes of JK Rowling’s masterpiece are a sort of precious treasure which they would not mind handing it down to their children and grandchildren so that they can too delve in the joys of this wonderful saga in the future. When the trailer of the show Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts was released, the fans went into deep nostalgia and took to social media to share about the thoughts as to why Harry Potter still continues to rule their hearts even after all these years. The most surprising fact about Harry Potter is that its creator Rowling became the world’s first billionaire author solely through works associated with him, according to Forbes. Therefore, it can be said that Harry Potter not only moves his wand among his fans but has also done magic to the one who has given birth to him. To give a name to the crazy adoration for Harry Potter, fans would often refer themselves as Potterhead. Moreover, the official term for an avid Harry Potter fan is now Potterhead.

Let’s see the reasons of the growing number of the Potterheads and the devoted relationship they maintain with their master just as the Death Eaters worship their Lord Voldemort or You-Know-Who or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-

The human like wizarding world

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JK Rowling has penned a crystal clear picture of the wizarding world in her Harry Potter books which is quite similar to our Earth except that it is driven by magic. Her imaginary world of wizards and witches reveals different types of emotions in varieties of incidents and thereby makes its readers pore over the pages of the books with absolute fondness. Besides presenting emotional aspects in a beautiful way, Rowling’s depiction of the magical lifestyle in a human like manner strikes an appeal among all its readers. From the enjoyable snapshots of educational life in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry and the serious professional episodes in the Ministry of Magic to the dangerous adventures along with the mysterious appeal of the Forbidden Forest and the funny yet relatable household life with the Dursleys and Weasleys, the literary world of Harry Potter is indeed a wonderful haven in which we can get lost mentally in abundant happiness.

The magical charm is way too good

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Although the Harry Potter books chiefly narrates about magic, there is still a uniqueness to the way the magical scenarios open up before the reader which makes it a classic thrilling read. Unlike fairytales where magic is mostly depicted as a dark or sinister format, the Harry Potter books tells about the people who follow magic as normal humans who are shaped by their educations and thoughts. Besides depicting wizards and witches relying on magic to do their daily chores, the other attractive facets of Rowling’s magical world includes the settings where the stories occur. Platform Nine and Three Four Quarters at London’s King Cross Station, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Diagon Alley, Ministry of Magic- a number of places depicted just like a human world with the addition  of magic has the capacity to transform even the minds of non-readers into Potterheads. The various kinds of magical objects and games that Rowling has invented with her brilliant mind can dispel away the word boring and make Harry Potter fans take delight in the books numerous times for years.

A cocktail of adventure, mystery and spookiness make for a great read

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One of the sole reasons why Harry Potter books have emerged successful in its genre is because each of its pages always brings questions about the upcoming incidences that are likely to occur thereby making it an unputdownable read. Unlike other books where the reader might make a guess about the end of an adventure correctly, the case is not so in Harry Potter as here Rowling depicts each adventure with complex events of magical twists. Apart from adventures, the daily life of witches and wizards is also full of unpredictable magical incidents which only makes a reader feel entertained when he / she reads about it. Besides joyful and entertaining features, the books’ moral advices and suggestions are also a strong source of motivation for readers and most of them continues to take inspiration from it even now.

The emotional bonds of the characters touch every reader

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Harry’s beautiful bond of friendship with Ron and Hermione is the main feature that is talked about and admired by each of his fans. Apart from these two main protagonists, Harry’s good equations with the Weasleys, Hagrid, Professor Dumbledore, Sirius Black and his well-wishers in the wizarding world are also a source of delight to his fans. Meanwhile, the sour bond between Harry and Voldemort along with his Death Eaters, the Dursleys, Professor Snape also adds a touch of spiciness to a thrilling book series invented by Rowling.  With each character showcasing  a meaty bond along with conversing in great dialogues, it is not a surprise that Harry Potter series is indeed a collection of some great books.