The perfect food date ideas because you can’t love on an empty stomach!

the perfect foodie date

For all those souls fed on the illusions that a dreamy date can dawn upon die hard romantics, it’s only important that date ideas are such that feed also you apart from satiating the cravings of your heart. Of course because there is no love greater than the love of food itself, a food date with your loved one is such a fulfilling idea to cherish. Here’s some perfect food date ideas for you to try out because well, you can’t be loving when you are on an empty stomach!

The midnight ice cream date


Have you ever craved for some cool, smoldering ice cream to lick up clean as some of those midnight fantasies that are surreal in the mere feel of it? If yes then this one idea would work particularly well as a date that you would remember for the rest of your life. Because ice creams already are so much encompassing of love anyway- with all their cooling charm, that flutter in the mouth effect and that medley of fascinating melted flavours that drips with a lingering delight- messy but so worth it!

What therefore can be a better date idea than one that incorporates the magic of the midnight aura and the explosion of icy glory, full and frothy, with love blooming as passionately and innocently as that midnight drizzle of sweet deliciousness? All you need to do is sneak out somewhat warily for that ride down icy lane that awaits you. Passionate, tempting and so very romantic!

The laid- back picnic date


There’s definitely some anticipation cooking at the mere mention of picnics! The hustle and bustle, the fun and food, the merriment and enjoyment- sounds too overwhelming to be a date though, right? But if you are a aficionado of all things that spell out picnic- and yeah, we dare say aficionado- but also want to have a quiet, romantic date, we have just the perfect idea for you!

You know how a picnic in the greenery of the wilds sounds and feels like? Fresh with all that gentle romantic air caressing your face on a bright, sunny day that is quite resplendent with the vibrancy even in all its coolness. And specifically when you have your favorite person for company, a calm, quiet picnic is the heaven you would want to live all your life.

All you need to do is find the perfect green spot in your backyard, rustle it clean, grab a comfy sheet to slip into and make some really delightful snacks. Get a pretty basket and stuff it up with all your goodies- sandwiches and chips, bagels and cakes, coffee and rum, cookies and pretzels, even curries and breads- just so you have something catering to your every mood- and while away the entire day, talking and laughing, happy and contented, soaking in the warmth of your love under the blue sky and the bright, cheery sun. Trust me, it’s a date you will also look back fondly at forever- resplendent in all its simplicity and worthy of all the love that you shared in those few precious moments.

The perfect bake date


You know the romance that everything as enticing as cakes and bakes incorporate? The aroma of freshly baked goodies, the happy efforts of delightful perseverance, the mixing and the melting, the splashing colors and the sinful flavours all present a world seething with the hues of love and romance. A baking date therefore can be your perfect option to discover and delve into the love that will make your relationship as perfect as those fresh out of the oven cookies. And to good measure as well. Because once you have mastered the intricacies and challenges of baking together, there’s no end to the hurdles you will be readily willing to take head on along your walk down love lane.

There’s a certain joy in togetherness when you are in love. Like nothing seems more perfect than doing things you love most with the ones you also treasure the most. And a couple baking experience can be a really fun thing to do- one that just bakes to perfection your commitment and leaves your love blossoming with the aroma of a dessert divinely made. So let your imaginations soar and your fancies take flight as you get totally absorbed in a session of delightful baking and dish out some distinctly decadent dessert that will taste as tantalisingly sweet as your love!

The hearty street food date

You have had romantic dinners, exotic brunches, routine lunches or even hearty breakfasts but isn’t all that sophisticated seating and dining being way too conventional to feel date like for you? Ditch therefore your fancy dinner set or even your favourite restaurant the next time you are going out on a date. Instead, seek some fresh romance in the many food stalls that do the length and breadth of every city of our vast, vast country.

There’s a certain charm to going about discovering new stuff that will excite you to no ends. Plaid old menus and even fancy settings sometimes fail to have your romance on the right track. But once you get to savor the instant allure that eating from the roadside thela or the street food vendor can bring unto you, there’s no going back.

Take a detour therefore from your fancy preferences and seek out the amazing food culture of your town for a whole fun day of date with the one you love. And you would sure would not be disappointed. Be it the many fares on offer or the range of delicacies that lure you with their aroma, you will feel love some wee more when you seek about exploring newer stuff. Grabbing a vada pav or sharing the same fantasy for the melting icecream cone in all its pretty typical roadside colors, there would be newer avenues of love you would love to explore as you make your way through the alleys of the city that can charm you to no ends with its old world romance.

The refreshing chai date

tea date
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For chai lovers out there, the spell that the magical beans of coffee have cast over the fruits of love have long been a matter of sheer jealousy- or even a yearning to break into the monotony and emerge as the numero uno by itself. And rejoice, die hard tea enthusiasts because there’s no reason why this delightful, desi brew cannot spin the web of love struck charm at least as effectively as its more fancy counterpart!


Definitely then, you need to incorporate some chai in your next date and decipher newer avenues that you can lead love into. And what’s better than sitting down at your favorite chai ki tapri and rewinding all those waves of nostalgia of the first time you had realised your feelings? Sipping on a steaming cup of richly brewed tea, as kadak and meethi as your love, while biting into a butter laced bun-maska is all the contentment you need to rekindle those flames of ever sizzling love. Let all that warmth of a cup of shared tea and the drizzling rain pitter pattering its empathy for the love you share be just the romance you had always hoped for to make its way to your life, forever and in great spirits, unfailingly cheering you up as good ol’ faithful chai has always been doing!

The classic coffee date

Okay we know we just conceived for you the perfect chai date to cater to your desi spirits. But for those days when you want to stick to the conventional and go the cafe way for your love, then a coffee date is definitely the best option you will ever have. And in fact it’s good at times to stick to try and tested combinations like coffee and dates (and pastry, of course) to make for a forever memorable first date.

Whether you choose to venture into one of those cosy spots that dot the city or have your perfect coffee convo in some snug corner of your home, you have all the liberties to take in love. The smell of freshly brewed coffee, strong and intoxicating much like your love, the intensity of those love struck gazes, the many romantic words that confess your desires, the exact crusty cookies and the perfectly baked slice of cinnamon cake- could love even get dreamier than this? We don’t think so!