The uniqueness of the bond between a brother and sister

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The bond between a brother and a sister is always an unique and a special one. From fighting like maniacs and teasing till the emotions are deeply hurt and advising like grandparents about what is good vs. bad to trying the best to be overprotective, brothers and sisters share one of the most informal relationship and always think of each other’s well-being mentally even if separated by miles apart. As the Vietnamese proverb itself says that brothers and sisters are as  close as hands and feet, so they always have each other’s back every time even if they can sometimes not be in talking terms over some silly fights or intolerant criticisms.

Some of the factors which make a brother and a sister bond a beautiful one are-


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One of the most true facts about a brother and sister bond is they always try to be overprotective of each other’s welfare and thereby rampant questioning and scoldings sometimes occur most between them than a child and a parent. When one of them learns that the other one has fallen in love with someone, he / she will constantly interrogate the other one about the life history of his / her lover and to retell the love story for several times in a week. Meanwhile, a brother and sister is the one who will burn their heads with worry if one doesn’t arrive home on time or has fallen sick. A brother-sister duo always act as a live GPS tracker for each other by constantly calling or texting to even venturing out to find the exact location where one might be present if the appointed time to reach home crosses the limit. Meanwhile, one also acts like a doctor/ nurse for the other in order to give the best medical advice at the time of sickness. To help the other ace a difficult situation like a pro, a brother or a sister always cracks their heads in trying to search out the best strategy.


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Brother and sisters can be the worst critics of each other. While some of the criticisms might be honest though deeply hurt to hear, some of it might also be baseless and arise from jealousy. As grown-ups, brothers and sisters might criticize each other over the choices of career, life partners and also over unsuccessful attempts at cracking job interviews or even in not being able to deal with personal struggles. Although some criticism might deeply hurt sentiments in adulthood, one of the true facts is that a brother and a sister always try to help the other to lessen out the pain and grief than just gossiping, laughing and turning away at times of need. While in the phase of childhood, the criticism of brothers and sisters arises mostly out of childishness and are treasured as a part of funny memories during grown-up years. As kids, brothers and sisters might criticize each other by comparing themselves over petty things like who is loved the most and who gets the best of everything from the parents.


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The fights between brothers and sisters might turn out to be craziest sometimes due to which their distance with each other might rise for a longer period of time. It is a fact that parents like to gossip about the fights of their sons and daughters with each other to relatives in order to have a good laugh on some occasions. Fights between brothers and sisters mostly happen because of hesitancy to share, differences of opinions, teasings and criticisms. Although these fights might make their relationship sour for some days, months or years, they ultimately patch up with each other because as social worker Chuck Danes said that “they are joined by love and can’t live without one another.”


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One of the persons who would find out a way to laugh over our fashion choices or way of appearance would be none other than our siblings. Therefore, teasings over our options of styling would always appear to be a source of making fun of us for our brothers and sisters. Meanwhile, brothers and sisters also make fun of each other over the way one would react to a situation. Most siblings tease each other when the moment of sentimentality of one tends to reach its peak over some topic or even when it bursts out in the form of tears or sighs of upsets. While some form of teasings might be taken lightly, those that are taken seriously often leads to fights and then the outcome might be a short period of hate between the two. Some of the funny types of teasings that are mostly done by brothers and sisters as children include the elder one telling the younger that he / she has been adopted. Apart from best buddies, the next person on whom evil pranks can turn out to be a source of fun always includes the brother or sister. So, the craziest forms of teasings always occur between a brother and a sister.


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Although the relationship between brothers and sisters might sometimes be annoying, it is ultimately bonded by selfless love as they are the ones who are the best secret keepers in addition to the most trustable buddies. Meanwhile, the ones who always support or motivates us the most in our difficult and trying times are none other than our siblings even though they might be angry with us at first. The first person who would often take stand and save us from taunts of parents and relatives are our brothers and sisters. Meanwhile, a journey always seems to be safe with a brother or sister. The joy of gossiping blatantly over television and web programmes and everyday events of life only happens when siblings are around because there exists a sense of formality between the parents so a certain kind of control over our talks needed to be imposed.   

It is said that friends might come and go but the connection between a brother and a sister is a lifelong one with everlasting memories. Once we get married, the second person whom we often turn too to share our feelings other than our life partners are our brothers and sisters.

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