10 biggest signs that you are trapped in a time pass relationship and need to get the hell out of it ASAP!

time pass relationship

There has been a fetish for all things that spell love that makes relationships a very, very integral part of existence. Because that notion of love being pure has been instilled in us by so many wonderful experiences. Grandpa picking up the freshest flowers for his wife on his every day morning walk, mom making dad’s favorite fish curry, aunts and uncles celebrating anniversaries, siblings pecking at every minimal ‘victory’- love has made way into our lives with the most awestrucking of beauty.

But not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy the bliss of true love in their lifetime. As we move into adulthood and rush into relationships because the anxiety of being alone gets unto us, what we discover is trauma and heartbreak in the name of love. Because being in a time pass relationship can be the worst mistake of our love, it is imperative to know if your current relationship is worthy of all the efforts. Here are 10 biggest signs that you are trapped in a time pass relationship and need to get the hell out of it ASAP!

#1 Your partner is the busy bee


How many times have you heard people complaining about a lack of together time in relationships? While each of these complaints might not stem from a lack of genuine affection in the relation, in some cases the apathy is apparent. Someone who truly loves you will make efforts to spend time with you when the tide is not in favour. Because as they say, you aren’t ever really busy for anyone who is important enough for you.

#2 You feel like you are bothering bae unnecessarily


If you ranting about your day to your partner makes you feel like you are chewing the ears off them, then it’s a very tell tale sign of a time pass relationship. Because when true love brews in hearts, you would be more than happy to be a part of every day of your significant other’s existence. But if its an obligatory mechanism rather than an eager session of sharing, you should be able to see the clear writing on the wall.

#3 You make all the compromises


While relationships shouldn’t be the be- all and end- all of life, it’s inevitable that you should sometimes hit up on compromises to make the bond sustain. Because no two persons share the exact same ideologies, it’s obvious that sometimes you need to find a mid way to come full circle in your relationship. But if you are the only one willing to retrace your steps while your partner continues to go nonchalantly about their own business, it’s a very clear cut sign that it is very much only a time pass relationship for them.

#4 You are remembered only because of what you got, not because of who you are


Communication is the key to any relationship. A small reminder of your importance in someone’s life through a simple message or the shortest of calls can go a long way in making your day. But if that reminder stems only from a need (of whatever intensity), chances are you are only a way of fulfilling someone’s desires and not necessarily the desire of their life. While this need not sound outright off settling, you need to look up at dictums that suggest this might not be a very serious life bond to cherish.

#5 Your family isn’t much discussed


A real relationship, one that either partner would like to sustain for life requires getting families involved, to at least some extent. Because parental consent and friendly acquaintances only helps in making your relationship surer and stronger. It lets you discover more of the person you want to spend your life with and it also let you know just how much they treat your priorities as their own. When you are in a time pass relationship, you most likely will be lacking on all those doses of sweet togetherness.

#6 You have no access to bae’s extended life


And it isn’t just meetings with your side of relatives and friends that will be left unattended. When the relationship is a very casual fling for the person you think of as your soul mate, you would also be left out from interactions with their immediate friends and loved ones. Because getting you known to other people who matter in their life will be hints of something serious, which however is not a consideration for bae.

#7 You sometime feel like you don’t really know your significant other


Real relationships are those in which you can wholly and completely be yourself. There is hardly any room for secrecy when you build up a bond of love with someone. But when your supposed life partner continually shies away from sharing major parts of their own self, to extents when you are literally clueless about them, it’s best to know what this relationship holds for you. This is for sure only a time pass relationship, or worse- no relationship at all!

#8 You aren’t the only one your partner is dating


There’s no point being in a relationship if you still want to see other people even if just for the sake of it. At least if it’s a serious relationship, there’s no room for anyone else no matter however hard times get. But once things start going haywire in a time pass relationship, people start seeking out other more perfect versions of their partner.

Whether it be rekindling flames with their ex or getting on online dating sites, casual ‘outings’ are the way to rewind for people in time pass relationships.

#9 You feel owned, not loved


It may sound clichéd when they say looks don’t matter in love. But this indeed is true, if the relationship is one that only nurtures emotions and not superficiality. But someone who considers you as a trophy partner they would want to only bask in the glory of ‘owning’ is for sure not with you because of love. It’s your looks and appeal that has them into you in a relationship that is purely time pass.

#10 Your sixth sense continuously nags you about the wrong in the love


Over and above all signs that identify you as being in a time pass relationship, the foremost thing that can give you a clearer look at reality is your own conscience. More often than not you can tell when someone isn’t treating you right or isn’t giving you the esteem and value you deserve. Because your sixth sense is generally more wary than you would perceive it to be, if you sense some fake air ruling your relationship, you should clear it out there and then or let go off the relationship that does not let you live life with dignity.