Tips for a perfect first date of an arranged marriage


Marriages are indeed one of the most beautiful and talked about incidents on this planet Earth. This event is considered as a step by which two persons will together move into a completely different phase of life. When the union of two folks takes place by matrimony, it is celebrated with huge pomp and enjoyment . The practice of marking the official tie up of two people by marriage is accompanied with lots of rituals, dance, music and feasting across the world because this once-in-a-lifetime ceremony paves the way for a couple to bring major changes in the world by creation and rearing of a new life.

In India, the institution of marriage is a sacred one that is conducted with the permission and blessings of families from both the bride and groom sides. As the opinions of families regarding marriage matters the most in this country, the practice of arranged marriages is still conducted in a large scale even in the modern age of the 21st century. Although love marriages are conducted in India more than ever before nowadays, the final nod for this type of matrimonial bond happens after some efforts from both the lovebirds goes for convincing their families. One of the major changes among the age old customs of arranged marriages in India is that the girl and the boy who have been selected by the families to tie the ‘hopeful’ knot gets ample scope for dating and getting to know each other thoroughly before mutually agreeing to get into the roles of husband and wife.

If you are the one trying to tie the knot with someone special by the practice of arranged marriage, here are the steps you must follow for that very important first date with your ‘hopeful’ would-be better half-

Dress and groom properly before taking the first plunge

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It is a fact that you will judge a person that you don’t know by first analyzing the way he / she has presented himself/ herself. For this reason, you should always take care that you have smartly and neatly dressed and groomed yourself to present a good first impression to the person with whom you are supposed to spend the rest of your lives. Wear a washed and ironed ethnic / formal outfit, comb your hair nicely, put on good shoes and then off you are ready to go. Don’t put on too much bling. A watch is a must needed accessory for a guy. For a girl, some light makeup and jewellery would make you look graceful and classy. Lastly, complete your whole look by sprinkling a good perfume so that you don’t smell sweaty and emit wonderful vibes everywhere you go on that very important day or date.

Begin the conversation with a smile and polite greeting

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A smile is always the perfect accessory that momentarily changes a gloomy environment into a cheerful one. So, it is essential to always make the first greeting with a smiling face. Remember that a face that is bereft of a smile would never make your supposed better half comfortable at all for the rest of the meeting and chances of going out on a second date wouldn’t occur at all. Besides a smile, a gentle and friendly word of greeting is the best pill for a smooth beginning of the journey of love.

Don’t try to be over formal or over polite and present your real side

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One of the most important points that you should note is that starting a conversation in a casual way like you would do with your friend is the first step for stepping into a beautiful relationship with another person. Free yourself of all shyness, nervousness and tensions and think that you are talking to a new friend. Begin the conversation in a cheerful note by confidently speaking with the person in front of you and you will feel that this meeting is just another one of those catch ups or outings that you often make with your pals in weekends.

Ask about likes, dislikes and opinions initially

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To make the first arranged marriage date sail smoothly, it is advisable to start first with questions that aren’t deeply personal. The initial topics of discussion should always start with a list of likes and dislikes on common things like favourite food items, movies, place of visits, books etc. You can also make him/ her laugh by sharing the memes you have recently seen or some funny incident that you have encountered. If you are a pro at making jokes yourself, it is the best time to show your talent in front of your future life partner and make him / her have a good laugh heartily.

Be careful while asking personal questions and stay away from criticisms

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While asking questions such as the amount of salary he / she earns or whether he/ she has been in any kind of relationship in the past, be extremely careful and don’t pass nasty comments or severe criticisms as it will then make the rest of the meeting totally sour. Listen to his / her answers carefully while moving on to these types of personal questions and then make answers on positive and reassuring notes. When you are asking about him/ her opinions on marriage and how he/ she is planning to start life post marriage, listen and respect his / her opinions and don’t try to counteract it angrily by putting your own views in a totally contradicting manner. If you don’t agree with his / her views, encourage him / her to give a better suggestion but in a cordial manner. During first arranged marriage dates, it is necessary to give space to your future mate and finding ways to agree with him / her so that the relationship blossoms beautifully in the coming years.

Plan the schedule of the next date at the end

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One of the best ways to sign off from your meeting is by asking “When we are meeting again?”  The end of the meeting is an important moment as it will let you judge whether the person in front of you is interested in making you his /her spouse or not. If the other person likes the idea and give suggestions happily, do try to heed his / her opinions and then prepare accordingly to look forward for him / her on the second date.