Twin flames, soulmates and the likely sparks of love


What it is about connection that leads human beings to chase after every idea and notion and concept alluding in some way to such a deep seated understanding of their soul and spirit in such immense that has them wax eloquent and extoll and exalt such chance discoveries in bonding in terms as profoundly unrealistic as possible? The desire for true deciphering of our inner selves and an acceptance furthered in that trail of our real essences might be behind this lifelong quest for at least a someone who fits the bill so perfectly as to defy even the lofty standards of our own expectations. Peculiarly pursued though largely in realms of the romantic essentially prefixing therefore that search for the someone with the ‘significant’ mentioning so understood today in romantic exclusivity is this eternally continuing, universally ruling and made to be believed as absolutely necessary as well ‘craving’ for another soul that however is not so easy an appetite to satiate.

With such a tremendous trope to further and that responsibility of emerging to be the best- read perfect match for the one forever on the lookout for them as unrealistically as possible, romantic partners aren’t but mere individuals from whom the love flows however selflessly and enormously for the supposedly most important person of their lives. They instead are agents in something much, much exemplary as is evident from such revealing of them as people revered for their endowing meaning upon and ushering substance into the life of whoever it is celebrating them as their reason for living.

And thus abounding the more than enough treaded but miserably non understood domain of romance and love are such couples smitten and head over heels and totally committed to their romantic relationships so as to be more than inclined in viewing this particular facet of their lives as being the whole truth of it. And hence they set off on a search yet again, this time in intertwining every aspect of what makes up existences including the emotional and the spiritual and the physical and the psychological so as to lead themselves to believe that in the love of their lives they have gone to discover the true essence of life itself.

It is from such spins and spans in the connect that people believe to essentially exist between the hearts and souls of their significant other that emerges such dreamy notions but not exclusively romantic connotations of concept that mostly defines love for the majority of us today. Soulmate thus it is the terminology most fawned over in this holding dear whatever it is that love might be even in such basis of it that do not strike as particularly romantic. For indeed soulmates can be as platonic prevalences as well but that isn’t the reason why it might not exactly be evoking of the charismatic sparks of what should definitely manifest as the truest of the love feels. Soulmates instead feel and perhaps allude to more spiritual of a connection that exists between individuals even the romantic description is what largely overrules the more traditional understanding of it.

Considering it though in the lovestruck context and soulmates happen to be the one with whom you discover such ease and comfort and clarity that resonates much as an extension of your self so as to be rather convincing in the special significance of them. In that ultimate discovery of sorts, there manifests a belief in completion of lives altogether which in itself makes for quite profound a realisation since this experience in wholesomeness is what one hopes to feel and achieve and live through their duration in existence. And hence in its embodying of almost all that one aspires for in their cruising through a life filled with all the love and happiness of the universe, soulmates tend to also be as romantically held linkages even in the greater spiritual sounding of them.

The very vibe that the mention of soulmates evoke might be one residing in quite some intense connection and exploration in the deepest realisations of humankind. But more contemporary emotions emanating from this idea held in romance or even non romantic experiences of love might be ones rather simple and basic than what sums up the core essence of it. And thus one might allude to their partner as being their soulmate when they experience with them such moments in loving and living that cater to their own aspirations in absolute fancy. Anyone in a very loving relationship with their romantic partner that leads them to understand in true sense the meaning of love and fulfilment and happiness might therefore well consider it their utter good fortune to be with someone so understanding of their nature and so supportive of their doing and being that convinces them in it indeed being a soul connect that they reside in.

For long now this specially significant summoning of the soulmate sense has been the absolute ideal in which relationships have been viewed and gauged and understood as being suggestive of the best description in meeting expectations and staying true to them so much so that the resultant experience in the emotional spectrum is one of such blissful contentment spurring the happily ever after and forever together and such other highly held fairytale like realities sought out in love. But even in the midst of it all, even in occurring as almost perfect a rendition in what one aspires for in their partaking of this most beautiful of all experiences of immense love, the concept of soulmates has been projected to fall short when it comes to furthering even more soulful a connect in the love terms of it. And hence the exploration in even more intensity the even immense dive into the depths of what is a far more amalgamating concept in connection in its very basis believed to be fostered in the even more overwhelming essence of one single soul in as true assertions of it as possible.

Interpreted as the rather dynamic reference in ‘twin flames’ this even profounder exploration in the supreme calm and joy and comfort and peace that one deciphers in bonding tends to be quite massive a realisation for all that it manages to come across as. The energy of evident in the very striking mention that the flame elocution perhaps evokes and indeed twin flames happen to be much deeper a concept in both emotional and evolutionary basis of it. For unlike soulmates that reside in a connection that feels real enough to rest in the idea of being the perfect complement to each other, twin flames is steeped in that notion of bonding as something emergent from an essentially singular identity.

The theory in understanding of twin flames hold them as a single soul split into two and residing in different bodies but always on the lookout to reconnect and rediscover their complete individuality by that ironic means in gelling with the other. As the mirror half of the other, twin flames share so much in common with each other in pretty much every strand of their respective existences that it might be surprising indeed the way in which they resonate right through their meet up as a manifestation of destiny. Even then though, the distinction between twin flame and soulmates happens to assert as rather overlapping if one does not consider the finer differences between the two. In the extent of surreal almost connect that both soulmates and twin flames can veritably possess, it is common indeed to let pass off the explorations in intricacy such that either concept tends to lead to the other in some way. But for those who have truly discovered the spark and magic and ‘flaming’ repo that comes with partnering with one’s one and only twin flame, the distinction cannot be more glaringly apparent.

Even in such extent of distinctness though, these two concepts in mostly romantic alluding but equally likely to be encountered in other forms of connect that stem first and foremost from the feels of love in whatever capacity and categorisation of it reveal themselves better and truer in their real nature when compared and contrasted with each other. And it is in the very basis of their defining although not so much in concrete terms universally resounding in relaying but carrying still that same essence in being that soulmates and twin flames can be better perceived as entities that exist in their own definite space.

Both might be speaking of a deep connect not always or commonly encountered in that thumping conviction whether it be in the intensity or awareness of it. But the strains of the emotional characterising twin flames happen to be definitely more pronounced, and felt as well in the certain experience of the power embedded in this phenomenon. Which is why while the soulmate connection is almost always a calming, safe experience even in the face of the forever volatile fore of the deepest emotions of the hearts through which they strike up that bond, the chance stumbling upon one’s mirror soul emerges in more flaming a character of what it is.

The supreme realisation in completion of themselves that one attains in all bliss of meeting their soulmates is remarkably different from the wholeness that twin flames lead themselves to in their discovery of an individual exactly mimicking their living and experience in existing. In that strand of understanding there is no doubt that connecting with a twin flame is an experience that sums up the innate craving for residing in an understanding of one’s self that arises only from the exclusive and particular living through those moments and in those elements of what defines their lives.

Soulmates might share the same mental space but twin flames live together in exact representations of what that shared space means to either of them in all alikeness. And it is in such clairvoyance of twin flames that they end up helping each other to better discover themselves while soulmates might be more inclined to better one’s embodying of the self. Helping each other grow for an existence that is enriching individually as well as in togetherness is what might be availed from the soulmating way in life and relationships.


For twin flames though the immense personal contact in exactness means that they venture along all aspects of support and encouragement in pushing and growing together even when this same experience in mirroring each other also has them more aware of the bare ugliness of who they are dealing with. Always super charged in their pursuing of the relationship in whatever form of it as applicable but not necessarily furthering the promise of life long togetherness in all their hyper acting and reacting to each other as definite responses to themselves sees the twin flame relationship emerge to encompass that on- off character as opposed to the stable, calm waters treaded by soulmates of the romance sea.

But even in such stark and some not so easily decipherable dimensions in which soulmates and twin flames are set apart from each other, the connect that one might manage to foster with either or both of them makes for one of the most rewarding of relationship experiences ever. In the case of vibing so perfectly as completely different individuals on one while discovering own versions of the self in the other, both soulmates and twin flames tick that box in bonding of which the emotionally vulnerable species of us humans wants to be lovingly ensconced in for a lifetime of worthy living.