18 types of relationships that describes your love life

types of relationships

You always knew the ‘type’ of guy that will make you fall in love with him, but have you ever known that not just your lover, even your relationship has got types? Different types of relationships has in their folds different kind of people. Because no one thing works out just fine for everyone. So what’s your type this time? Read on to know the relationship type you are compatible with!

Perfect relationship


A perfect relationship is one when you are perfectly compatible with your partner, however imperfect you both may be as individuals. It’s a lot of work though to develop just the perfect compatibility with some one. However, as long as making the relationship work is the only thing you are concerned with, the perfect relationship should not be so difficult to build up.

Codependent relationship


For people who are so completely smitten in love, a codependent relationship would be the type to define their bond. Whether it be being emotionally so attached to your partner that even thinking about a break up leads you to despair or relying on them completely for every single life decision, this is the type of relationship you are totally feeding on.

Intimidating relationship


Being in a controlling relationship may at times stem from your inclination towards being too dependent on your partner. Because when you allow them to be so very essential to you that you find acceptance in whatever they choose to do, chances are you won’t really be making it an issue even if they were being unnecessarily dominating of you.

Arranged marriage wala relationship


Most arranged marriages start out not with attachment, but being with someone because your family wants you to. It isn’t that such extensively familial arrangement cannot be a breeding ground for the love bugs. But because it started out with a marriage arrange by your folks, we like to call it the arranged marriage wala relationship!

Rebound relationship

Rebound relationships are fairly common. Because couples fall in and out of love so often that coping with all these losses needs them to turn them to someone else for solace. Rebounds are mostly all things physical with very little chance of a serious relationship later, though exceptions can and do exist.

Sympathetic relationship


It’s quite not unnatural to fall for someone while lending them a shoulder to cry on. Because when you witness the vulnerability of a weeping soul, it naturally fills you with a sense of sympathetic despair that very often transforms into something deeper. Like love. Or at least a highly intense emotional bond. This is where a sympathetic relationship arises- being with someone you feel for plainly because you ‘felt’ for them in their pain.

Open relationship

Being in an open relationship is what appeals most to people who want attachment without the commitment. Open relationships allow you to have flings with other folks even while maintaining a greater level of connection with your partner.

Compromising relationship

While it might not make sense to make compromises in any relationship whatsoever, sometimes negotiating your way through life requires you to give up all notions of romance and just stick to survival. Whether it be a case of being so empty from inside that you cannot survive without your other half or because the kids need a ‘normal’ life, compromising relationships are not very rare even when you know they should be.

Routine relationship


There also exist these long term relationships which still are fed on love, but not on togetherness, without any qualms whatsoever. It might be because of a severe degree of being career oriented or because tiding over the hassles of life leaves you with lesser time for romance. Either way however, the best thing about such a relationship is that both partners generally aren’t very bothered about it.

Casual relationship

Casuals relationships are the kind of thing you do when you are up only for some excitement and not anything emotional. Both partners would know that this isn’t something that would go long term, neither do they want it to. Heartbreak isn’t even a consideration in these laid back types of relationships.

Asexual relationship


Physical intimacy is a vital romantic aspect for most couples. But not everyone is enticed by the art of love making. Sharing an asexual relationship with bae even when you are sexually attracted to others is a totally normal thing to do and be.

Symbiotic relationship


You are with someone who makes you feel safe and secure but is not attracted to you. Neither you have any feeling whatsoever for that folk. But then you still sustain the symbiotic relationship for your mutual benefit. You need the stability, the other person needs a partner for the sake of it. And there you are, in your kind of perfect relationship!

Long distance relationship


The type of relationship that is not very favoured by much in love couples is the long distance thing. You are emotionally and romantically the closest to each other but cannot enjoy the privilege of frequent meetings because distance matters. Surviving an LDR however means you might have just been into the most stable relationship of your life!

“It’s complicated” relationship


There’s also these types of relationships that are tragic to say the least. You guys are deeply in love and want to get settled very soon. But then there’s the quintessential problem of “Ghar waale nahi manenge” to ruin all your hopes and dreams. So there you are- drowning in a love that will only kill you.

Emotional relationship

Beyond your relationship with your partner, you might sometimes get emotionally too attached to a different person. It doesn’t really matter if this second person is a male or a female. You just bond to them in ways that remind you of your own. Although these kinda bond do not need to be romantic, they sometimes tend to converge in love.

No strings attached relationship


You can be friends with benefits or simply strangers with no affair whatsoever. Sexual intimacy is the only ‘romantic’ fantasy that people in a no strings attached relationship are up for. However, on the flip side, if you end up falling for your friend with whom you were to only share benefits, there’s a pretty decent chance of things getting awry.

Love-hate relationship


For all instinctive lovers out there who bury as much in their frustration as they go romantic with all passion, a love- hate relationship is the only thing to be. You go all cuddly and lovey- dovey as swiftly as you had blurted expletives and gone all mad at each other. Going bonkers a very possible culmination of this type of a relationship.

Platonic relationship

There’s yet another type of relationship that is somewhat not deemed cognizant of a romantic relationship. But love doesn’t always have to be romance. If your partner is also your best friend with whom you bond like no other and who is your truest friend in the universe, then you share a completely platonic relationship specially when it does not encompass the romantic notions of love.