Uncanny emotions that strikes us when we fall in love for the first time


Love is a supernatural emotion that can make everything in this world absolutely beautiful. It makes people take risks without a second thought in order to ensure that their loved ones stay fully safe or get ample scope to fulfill desires. As a most positive emotion that exists in this world, love is the only factor which plays the main role to help families or friends stay together or remain in touch with each other even if some dirty quarrels eventually can break out at times. Moreover, love is also the main source of strength which acts invisibly to motivate people to work hard so that their families stay content and their needs attain fruition. In a chemical but literal language, love is the strongest bond that always acts as a reagent to bring back people together even if external forces i.e. negative emotions tries to wreak havoc between them.

When this supernatural emotion is responsible for bringing two strangers together in such a way that both of them decides to spend a lifetime together, it is a life changing yet uniquely beautiful decision. Again, it is true that love makes two unknown persons bond to create families and continue life further in this world. This is what has been happening in the world for millions of years. So, love is also a source that indirectly acts as a life giver.

If you are falling in love or had experienced this beautiful emotion for an unknown stranger a long time ago, here are some of the uncanny emotions that would have struck you initially-

Indescribable elation

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The happiness that is felt when the first notes of love hit us has been eulogized in many poems and essays with reference to beautiful phases of natural events. As they say, love indeed makes the world go round. Just as the first whiff of the fast blowing wind from the window of a vehicle touching our face literally soar up our spirits and makes us fly in imagination, similarly, the initial realization of falling in love also makes us want to jump in delight as a feeling of overwhelming happiness engulfs us and we like to soak in that blissful period as long as we want. A new dose of unreal positive energy envelops our heart just as the first splash of running water on an extremely tired face feels like getting a renewed form of refreshment that have never been experienced before. When you experience the worldly things with your partner, it makes everything seem so pleasant instead of delving on it alone.

Superb confusion

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One of the main barriers or negative emotions that strike when we fall in love is confusion but don’t let it become a hindrance in forming a wonderful bond with the person who has occupied a place in your heart. It is normal that when the emotions of love for a dear one overtakes your heart you can find yourself questioning as to why did it happen that way and how come can I find myself in such a mysterious condition. Yes, it is true that love is a strange feeling which makes us indecisive but don’t let it keep you in the darkness of confusion just as the blackness of night clouds our eyes from making out what is far ahead in the distance in front of our eyes. Let your love serve as a sunshine for your heart and spread its bright rays by confessing your feeling of closeness with your lover and thereby provide him/her the warmth of happiness. If your lover has the same feeling of love for you, let your love story serve as a source of brightness and cheer up your friends and family and then soon the bond of love will turn into a celebration of lifetime of togetherness

Unknown concern

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There is a saying that when you fall in love, your heart belongs to another. This means that love makes you concerned about the well-being of the one who has come to occupy an important position in your life. When love overtakes you for the first time, you would think of your lover constantly for some moments and wonder what he/ she might be doing and how he / she may be and if he / she feels the same way as you do for him/her. It is a fact that you would definitely call or text your girlfriend / boyfriend or husband/ wife when they are away from you and ask about the affairs of the day. We do this because we are concerned about them and this happens only when the bond of love is there. What can be the most beautiful emotion in this world other than love ? It makes you selfless, caring , concerned and can thereby be called as the emotion that makes everything okay in this world even if there are difficulties to face. After all, it is the love and support from the lovers that makes us strive to be better than yesterday.

Surreal comfort

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When you truly fall in love with someone, you would experience blissfulness around him /her. His / her hands seems to be the most perfect place in the world and holding it can literally make you feel strongly secure and no evil power can harm you.  Being with him / her can take away time in the blink of an eye and you can easily talk about your deepest secrets freely and happily which you cannot do in front of anyone else. Although you seem to catch stares when you walk hand-in-hand with your lover and laughing away without controlling your ecstasy, you do not seem to care at all because you have your special one by your side. When you both are together, the movie seems to be more entertaining, the food in the restaurant seems to be more delicious and the surroundings can be the most pleasant ever. You also have someone with whom you can talk endlessly any time you like. Thus love is a strong emotion that provides support, solace and security.

Unwanted jealousy

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Falling in love initially with someone can also make you over possessive of your lover at times. If you catch him / her laughing or conversing away heartily with some boy/ girl or patting him/ her friendly, you might tend to get suspicious of what might be brewing behind your back without your knowledge. Overpossessive love gives rise to unwanted jealousy which can often lead to bitter quarrels and ultimately be the sole cause of breakup. Therefore, lovers should also get the freedom to make their own choices. Love is a boundless emotion which can only give rise to joy but it will turn into hatred if you set some boundaries or clips to its wings.