Best tricks to show your bindass love for your bae and spice up your relationship this winter season [Ishq Wala Love Special]

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Dreary winter days are bad, you say. But not always. If you have experienced the warmth of passion and the chills of love, tidying over the frosts of winter is indeed a cake walk. So how do you intend to make this winter the best love era of your life? Try our 15 romantic tips and you will never have to trudge through life alone!

Bake (your love) together


Winter is the time when festivities start kicking in. Because, obviously with Christmas and New Year around the corner, it’s time for the muffins to rise and the cookies to crack. So put on your gloves and be ready for some warmth as you bake away the love with your bae to serve you for the whole of the year. And of course, while you are at it, don’t miss out on the Christmas delicacies as well!

Compliments, obviously

It’s no rocket science that compliments can instantly elevate your mood and leave you beaming for the entire day. So even if this is not specific to winters, saying that you can’t take your eyes off the love of your life because they happen to look so pretty is actually quite a gem. Because indeed, making felt beautiful and wanted is as important as actually looking good. Don’t you agree?

Cuddle up


What can be more comforting in winters than cosying up with all that bliss of affection warming you up? Relationships in winter are the elixir to all things cold and chilly. And cuddling up doesn’t have to imply anything sexual (at least, not every time). It’s just the thought of a hug to make you smug and warm that is sometimes the catch in winning over your love this winter.

Love letters

Are you already cringing at this one? Don’t, because in this digital time and age when emotions are only half felt and even less spelled out, love letters need to revive very soon. So why don’t you set the precedent and pen down love felt words for your dear one? It shouldn’t be too difficult anyways because emotions are always a bit more intense in winters and the nip in the air always provides more scope for romanticisng and fantasising. So get yourself a pen and a paper and set about completing the ‘big task’ at hand!

Going on dreamy dates


The thrill of romance, the anticipation of affection and all those emotions that occupies your every sense comes alive in all those wondrous dates. Planning a cosy, romantic date to beat the chill of the season with your love is a definite winner. And all the good food and good wine waiting to spruce up your love only makes it even more worthwhile.

Pamper each other


Winter pampering is so essential, not just for the body but also for the soul. And just as you like to be pampered, remember it’s the same with your partner as well. Why don’t then you indulge in a relaxing session of couple massage to not only revive your love but also for driving out the chill?

Blurt out your love


Believe it or not, saying “I love you” is such an essential part of every relationship. But what’s more important is that you feel the love before putting it into words. Because it’s better being silent than professing a love you don’t feel the way you are meant to.

Forget your phones

Admit it, all of us have been guilty of phubbing our partners in more occasions than one. Not only is it disrespectful but it also shows a lack of interest. And while you might not conceive this as particularly destroying, our smartphones tend to outsmart us too often. Yet another reason you need to debunk smartphone addiction as a probable new year resolution.

Hang outs


If you thought hang outs are only for teenagers just plunging into the ocean of love, then I’m afraid you aren’t particularly right darling. Exploring new places, discovering experimentative food trucks or just wandering the day about aimlessly together with bae can be so much fun! And specially in winters, when you don’t feel like working anyway, it’s a good idea to step out on a day that’s not particularly windy.

Special days, surprise days


Remembering special days is indeed special because it shows that the relation indeed matters to you. And if you intend to rekindle your love, there’s nothing better than planning a birthday surprise for your loved one. But beware, not everyone loves surprises, so don’t go out of your way to do something that might not appeal to bae.

Holding hands


This has to be one of the most under stated of gestures to show your love. It’s so common, yet you perhaps don’t give it much of a thought. But there’s perhaps nothing better than the feeling of hands intertwined in love, making you feel secure and wanted. So this winter as you amble on along the course of the festivities, slip on your hands with hers as you meet and greet a blessed Christmas!

Sweet nothings


Cheesy, yes, but hearing sweet nothings whispered in your ears is just sooo romantic. And that too, when you get cuddled from behind to offset the winter chill, it’s love plus the perks!

Stolen glances


Believe me, there’s nothing better than being engrossed in work and looking up just to notice your bae staring lovingly at you. Super romantic, super special and enough to keep you blushing throughout the day. But hey wait, there’s just a fine line between being cute and being creepy. Overstep it and you are out of love, yet again!

Understand more than asking

One of the key to a healthy relationship is understanding. And if you aren’t compassionate enough to not annoy her through her days of mood swings, you shouldn’t claim to be in love. Either way, make sure your gestures aren’t mere tactics at impressing, but genuine efforts to win your love over.

Stay apart


Because yeah, distance makes the heart go fonder. Undeniably, 24*7 living in with your partner might suck out the excitement of love from the relationship. Take a detour then, and enjoy a vacay with friends to miss your bae a lot more. And when you meet the next time, be prepared for a whole new experience of falling in love, yet again!

Happy winters everyone!