5 obvious signals you should know when a guy ignores you but likes you

signals to know if a guy likes you but ignores you

In the whirlwind world of romance and romantic relationships, there perhaps isn’t a norm to religiously adhere to ensure a successful love life. And yet, certain dictums still continue to ravage the sanctity of this feeling of bliss in a manner more or less orthodox. So even when the world has advanced by leaps and bounds and the gender differentiation should cease to exist by now, the rules of love has us believe that making the first move should always be a guy thing. And yet there could exist a guy who really, really likes you and yet ignores his emotions thereby leaving you utterly confused. Whether that is something stemming from a lack of surety about his feelings or a psychological tactic he uses to get you to miss him, one thing is certain- there’s some apprehension he harbours in his approach towards you.

All these would be just his loss if he’s the only one up for a romance. But what if you too are craving a thing that could go beyond just friends? How to know if he loves you, given that he does not come all out about it? To get out of the friendzone and plunge into a romantic relationship takes not just a leap of faith, it also demands a way to deciphering such signals that point to the obvious. Specifically so for women, who find themselves blessed with an innate and more effective sixth sense of the psyche. So the next time you are wondering about whether that guy likes you even when he blatantly ignores you, here are some silent signals you need to be looking out for to get all your answers-

You can sense the desperation in his ignoration

Even when it sounds so contradictory, a guy who ignores you because he can’t help it otherwise is more than merely desperate in his ‘efforts’. And no, not desperate in the sense that he can’t wait to hook up with you. Rather it is his want to be with you and the need to act the opposite that classifies this kind of desperation.

And with such a mismatch approach he takes in sidelining his feelings, he becomes even more evident in what he chooses not to do. You might have been sometimes taken aback at the impact you have had on him. For someone ignoring you, he reacts way too not nonchalantly to whatever you put him through. Even when he’s the one giving you the snub, he gets really anxietated when you reciprocate surprisingly well to his seeming lack of interest.

The futility of his ignoring game is in fact so palpable that he ends up being more attentive to whatever you do! From knowing your every routine and shrewdly trying to work his way in it while all the way giving the vibe of not caring a damn about it, you would know this guy in his likes far more than the ignores he tries to give you.

His eyes are constantly on you

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That’s the exact opposite of what you would expect out of some guy who tries to ignore you real bad. But because he is in the game because he doesn’t know what to do better, it’s natural he will be givin away a lot more than he would want to. So even with you being in his ignoring range, you can feel being in constant pursual by him. He might not be looking at you directly in the eye or not even in your direction when you are aware of it. But the moment you choose to not let your concentration rest solely on him, he can relieve himself of all that buildup.

So there you are- being at the absolute center of the fancies of this guy and fully aware of it because he really is that inadept at his ignores and as obvious in his likes. And you don’t even have to get into a deeper reading of what he is feeling at the moment. Even the chanciest of his glances are so enamoring and lost in love that it’s hard to miss out on them. Trying hard not to get lost in your dreamy gait because of course he has his ignoring skills to win you over with. He might be one of those shy guys who hesitates in making his love saga known but his eyes sure are one daring breed when it comes to loving you with that gaze!

There is a certain spark about him when you are around

He might be ignoring you on point in person but his heart sure does not know the intricacies of such fool proof duping. And one of the most certain giveaways of his failure is his cheer with you by his side. From being a reserved soul to being the affable being, love indeed can turn worlds upside down. So in spite of all that brush offs of your existence he is trying to convince himself with, there’s no missing that spark that your very being endows him with.

Sometimes though, he can even be weird as hell. Blame it on the excessive play of hormones with love in full blossom or just his shit scared wits that he might be falling out of Philophobia, you would get to know of his likes inspite of his many royal guy ignores. But most of all, it is almost always the charm he takes it all through in because of how much you have come to mean to him, at least in his subconscious awakenings.

Irrespective of how blatantly unacknowledging of you he might be coming across as at the moment, you’ve had more than enough of an influence in his life and that shows in his very person. It would therefore do you a whole world of good if you choose to dwell on his energy instead of his ‘cool’ show of ignorant prejudice to work out what he really feels about you.

He ignores you only in person

There’s a difference to ignoring someone completely and ignoring them in certain situations and circumstances. Specifically for someone who likes you, ignoring you would always be a difficult proposition. And while he might take recourse to it for whatever probable reason, he would not stick to doing it altogether if he likes you as well. So if he is ignoring you only in person or over text or on social media specifically, be rest assured that he has his own reasons for it. And therein lies as well a host of signals that in fact point to his weakness for you.

It might be that he isn’t very comfortable accepting his feelings which might drive him away the minute he sees you. He harbours this fear of letting his guard down and risking himself coming undone. But because he has not much face to lose over text, his texting persona might reveal completely differently to you. It also might be that he is unwilling to accept his feeling publicly yet. Which is why he avoids mingling with you in public. Or he might choose not to engage in social media banter with you because he has a professional image to covet.

And while these might come across as flimsy reasons for a guy to give you the ignores vibes while harbouring the likes, chances are they aren’t entirely misleading. Keep an watch therefore on how differently he chooses to engage with you, if at all,on different platforms. If he is a different person everywhere, there sure would be some ‘undercover’ things for you to grasp. Not only will it help you gain insight into those signals you have been meandering through; it will also help you gauge exactly how serious he might be about a possible relationship.

His ignoring instinct might even be his way of confession!

Agreed. No one would want to be with a person who doesn’t have as much as the guts to admit their feelings. But years and years of conditioning of the male perspective in delicate matters of the heart means that he knows that not everyone appreciates a too fast approach. He might be ignoring you to deliberately let you catch those signs because psychology pretty much works the same for him as well. And if that is the case, then you are no doubt missing out on the most obvious signal there ever has been!

Because there is a certain nostalgia to playing the chase specially in romantic pursuits, he wants to indulge in it wholeheartedly. Stuck however between the predicament of taking the conventional predictable route ahead or deciphering a path of his own, he resorts to something as setting off as ignoring. While the approach in itself might not be the most ideal in eking a way to your heart, it’s not however one devoid of an implication.

He might be intending for you to construe his attempt at ignoral as one that in fact speaks of his interest in you. That though might be a tough nut to crack, because all you could do would be playing with the assumptions. But the signalling he might be aiming at with this approach is a stirring of your interest. By realising how unaffected he seems to be with you, he hopes to make his presence matter to you. In being the nobody in your life, he perhaps attempts to make his way into it. It perhaps then would help your case if you know how his attempt to ignore you is indeed a medium for him to profess his feelings for you.

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