Why cousins always makes the best buddies in life?

Cousins are surely some of the wonderful buddies we can get in life besides best friends and siblings. Being some of the closest members in the family with whom we can totally be in our weird selves whenever we are together, the bond we share always remains the same even if we stay away miles from each other or haven’t met up for months or maybe years. Moreover, cousins are also the first friends we make in our life and whose presence the family heartily approves of even if they step inside the house at odd hours. Some of the fun moments of our life are spent with cousins and they are the also the ones with whom we can fully share emotions of the moments that are associated with the family. From giving us the best advice and being partners in crime to teasing us incessantly and criticising us strongly, cousins are surely the ones with whom we can make memorable memories. Besides family gatherings are made happier and tolerable only whenever our mad cousins are to be found there.

Here are some of the reasons why cousin squads are the best-

Dull moments of family gatherings are turned into a time of fun and happiness

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It is quite true that family gatherings can never be an affair of joy and some fun element can be missing whenever we do not catch sight of our cousins there. With just the presence of elders, we have to keep our level of politeness up for a long time and a hearty talk session can never be hold much freely with them. However, if we can luckily get to meet even one or two of our cousins, our spirit of joy rises and we immediately rush to them to break out the family related gossips we have been hiding for so long, make some inside jokes and laugh out loud without paying attention to the irritating expressions of the onlookers.

Best partaker in the emotions of family related matters

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Cousins are the first choice of people with whom we can intimately and fully share the pain that we feel whenever there is some terrible moment in the family like the death of a loved one. They would also be the ones who would know the loved one and together we can lighten our grievances by shedding some tears or crying out loud. Cousins are also the ones with whom we can laugh and shout in the loudest voices whenever there is a happy event in the family like the birth of a baby or the marriage of a dear one

Good companions with whom to share gossips associated with some family member

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When we hear some quarrel that is going between two siblings over some matter or get to know about the lavish expenses done by some family member or any other hot gossips, we can intimately share our opinions about it with the cousins as they are the ones who would also know about it and even share their own views with us. Therefore, some funny moments can be spent as we laugh and discuss about some idle, controversial and serious issues associated with the family.

An ideal and family approved friend with whom we can spent long moments we want without any serious questions from our parents

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Cousins are some of the groups of people with whom we can get to spend any moment of day or night joyfully without any serious questions being asked by our parents. It is quite true that our parents might bombard us with some unnecessary questions when we ask them about going out for a day to enjoy with some friends whose identity is not known to them or they might even turn angry and scream at us the moment we dare to seek permission for staying a night at a friend’s house. However, the case is not so with cousins. An immediate approval is given when we ask them to let us stay a week at our dear cousin’s house and they can even happily ask us to have a best time when we seek permission for a trip with our cousins to a distant land. As cousins are the ones about whom our parents know from their birth, so they are considered to be ideal and lifelong friends for us. Moreover, it is a fact that cousins always remain the first choice of friends we turned to whenever we want to share something and long distance and time period can never hamper our friendships in any way

Take part in some daring adventures as partners in crime

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To taste some unfamiliar cuisine which is highly disapproved by the family, cousins can be the most trusted squad with whom we can do so. Moreover, some daring adventures like having the first cigarette or wine can be done with our cousins as they are the most ideal group who can care for us if anything goes wrong and making sure that the fact never reaches the ears of our parents.

Family vacations are always the best with cousin squad

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When our cousins along with their parents decides to go for a vacation with our family, the trip turns out to be a highly joyful affair to be cherished as a beautiful memory forever. The car/ train/ flight rides with cousins become more entertaining as we can happily share our delights over witnessing the beauty of the vast landscape passing like animated colourful scenes before our eyes or even vividly express our amazing imaginations over the shape of the fluffy white clouds that appears as it has been randomly scattered across the wide blue sky. Cousins can also turn out to be the best travel buddies as we can freely share information about important places of sight we visit in our trips. A place of entertainment like amusement park or a zoo can be the most thrilling when we visit it with our cousins as they are the best partakers of our joys in the family.

The best adviser

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As a best friend, a cousin can give us the sound advice on how to tackle some difficult situations that have cropped up in the family. They are also the ones who give us advice on how to move ahead with the best steps for a fruitful career. Older or younger, every advice given by our cousin is taken seriously and we decide to give it a try as they are the ones in the family whom we adore and trust the most.

The strongest critics

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Apart from being the best buddies, cousins can also sometimes turn out to be irritating as they are the ones who can tease us intolerably over a silly matter. Meanwhile, they are also our strongest critics as they can pinpoint our foolishness or failures in an exact manner or even in the way we fear but the best thing is that they will give us sound advice strictly and ensure that we heed it fully to improve ourselves.

Every fancy thing in our wardrobe is borrowed or taken by cousins

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Whenever any clothes becomes old but are still in a good condition and manages to catch the admiration of one of our cousin, we never hesitate in giving it to them. However, if our cousins are young or are adored by our parents and they take this advantage to select some favourable items of our closet to be a part of their overflowing possessions back home, we become sad and might raise an issue about it to our parents but ultimately, or maybe with a few scoldings from parents, our hearts ultimately get melted and we give it to them but with an upset mood.  As cousins are the next closest member of a family other than a sibling, we always share our things with them even if it makes us get into a fit for some time.

If we have no siblings, cousins can turn out to be the best companions in our life with whom we can share almost everything. However, they form an important part of a family without whose presence our childhood would never have been fun or the later years of our life would have seem to feel like dull moments.