All the reasons that led Cupid to strike you right this Valentine’s Day!

why we fall in love

The magical feels that love delivers, or is expected to deliver at the very least, might make it seem like so abstract a thing that does not require any logic or reason and certainly not any science for its where and how abouts. But there in fact exists certain very valid reasons that lead us to fall in love with that special someone and not just with any and everybody who happen to cross our paths. If you are someone hell bent on negating every assertion that makes it indeed possible to decipher why we fall in love at the first place, you might consider this a very flimsy proposition. But the fact remains that there does exist basis and logic and even scientific analysis of the many reasons that lead us to fall, and hopefully be in love, all throughout!

Compatibility and communication

Of course fluent communication always does not mean that you guys would be the most compatible souls on earth but there’s a reason why we have clubbed the two C’s together. While compatibility does not stem only from communication, it can for sure ever stem outside of it. Someone with whom you cannot communicate your deepest desires and wildest fancies, your most ridiculous passion or the stupidest of things you covet surely cannot be the one you are most comfortable and therefore compatible with.

And it isn’t always all about verbal communication as well. It’s just the vibes that you get from them and the complete ease and comfort that their presence brings unto you is what makes you fall in love with them. Compatibility sure might sound like too complex an attribute to covet, but once you have discovered that comfortable compatibility in your life, you will know that this is the simplest and most natural of all things ever!

Knowing them more

While love at first sight still do exist and silent romances also have forever been doing up the dreamy, there’s a different kind of love brewing between souls that know each other inside out. So if you are getting to know someone more and more with every passing day, chances are you will end up falling for them. And the best thing about getting to know someone better is that this works not just for romantic relationships but also bodes well for all the love your heart feels. Whether it is your bae, your friends, siblings, cousins or just about anyone on earth for that matter, you love someone much more when you all also know them all that more.


All those notions of opposites attract and being drawn to each other like magnets are bull shit when it comes to love. The science of love works in a way that is quite contrary to the mechanism of physics. No wonder attraction becomes a domain of chemistry when it comes to romance! Pun aside however, it is indeed more because of similarities than differences that you end up falling in love.

Not to say that differences would not manifest between lovers, sure all couples fight over differences and that’s not always a bad thing either. But you are more likely to attract someone who have similar beliefs and interest and perhaps even closely resemblant passions. Indeed it also does help that similarities lead to a build up of compatibility as well which means love is more likely to find its way between people who are same-same but different!


Source: Insider

However shallow it might sound, it is indeed also appearance that has sparks flying between people. Whether that is a conscious choice or a subconscious manifestation, but love does indeed flow from “mere looks” as well. Beauty sure isn’t only skin deep but beauty can make the go world round if we need to cite popular references. Humans seem to have a certain affinity for symmetry and people who are blessed with the symmetry in aesthetics tend to attract more lovers. Call it your endowment or rue that as a misfortune, but your looks can determine who falls in love with you and vice versa. And this play of the aesthetics extend also to your overall appearance and body. Speaking more practically, a favourable Body Mass Index can also be a harbinger of love, apart from a healthy existence! Yet another reason to give those diet foods a try!


It does not require much science to understand that as human beings we innately program ourselves to recognise the distinct smell of every individual. Whether it be the fragrance of the perfume they wear regularly, the flavor of fruity lipgloss they put on everyday or simply the innate, inexplicable smell we tend to identify them with (blame it on pheromones), but it indeed is as true as it is bizarre that over time we begin to know people from their smell. And if the smell is such a presence that titillates your olfactory glands to extents that you begin to long for them, then well my friend, the love is going to be dawning on you sooner than you would have expected!

The stare

Agreed. Stares aren’t the most effective of paths to follow for love. In fact a good ol’ stare can even cost you some punches. But it is a fact scientifically proved that you tend to feel an attraction for someone if you have stared into their eyes for no lesser than a continuous couple of minutes. None of us is stranger to the adage that it is the eyes that speak the truest and this perhaps is the very reason that looking deep into a pair of eyes can spark off those vibes of attraction and interest that translate later into deep intimacy and deeper love.


Everyone likes a person who is kind, affable and chivalrous. Forget your heroes on screen who can be cold as a stone and yet have swaying impact upon hordes of hearts. That isn’t how real life works and you would most definitely find yourself falling for someone who is approachable and friendly and all the more positive and receptive than someone who is a person of unnecessary airs. Chivalry and love has been going hand in hand for ages now and that speaks enough of the correlation and of course compatibility they enjoy!