13 years post history, Boris Becker opens up about 2018 Wimbledon


Wimbledon 2018 is on in full swing and who better we have than Boris Becker to make a prediction of the finals?

Boris Becker
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The legend has spoken and this time he is willing to pull his cards on Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

If this indeed turns out to be the case, it will not be any surprise whatsoever, with both Federer and Nadal striving to keep intact their legendary record at the Grand Slams of tennis.


Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal
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In fact, the tennis rivals have had a history of on court rendezvous and despite quite a number of younger players making up for an interesting fray, the greats’ rivalry have been unparalleled. Their longevity and expertise still keeps them in the reckoning to claim one of the coveted trophies of the tennis world.

And interestingly, the prediction by Becker of this epic show down that might make up for a sparkling final of tennis on grass holds all the more significance, given that some 13 years ago on the very next of this day, he created history by being the youngest Wimbledon men’s singles champion.

boris becker winning wimbledon
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The unseeded West German teenager rallied from a close two set deficit to see off eight seeded Kevin Curren to begin a chapter of unprecedented exploits in the tennis world. A legend was thus born, and years later, we are still banking on the legend’s huge reservoir of experience in the sports’ court to arrive at a Wimbledon rematch between two of the world’s current greats.