4th of July- the day of American independence


Once the most powerful country on Earth, America celebrates its 242nd Independence Day today.

The celebrations mark the occasion of the United States’ freedom from Britain on 4th of July, 1776.

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This year’s commemoration however remains marred in controversy, with president Donald Trump’s ‘alien policies’, bordering on discrimination that had sparked mass outrage.

Trump, nonetheless, took to Twitter in his capacity as President to greet the nation on the anniversary of the historic moment, and paying special tributes to the troops that are engaged all year round in protecting the country.

Celebrations, however, are bound to be limited for yet another time around, with not only political conditions but also environmental concerns striving to keep fireworks under check.

American Independence Day
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Colorado alone have been forced to restructure more than 50 intended fire work shows owing to continually raging wildfires and the accompanying haze.

Even then, the country’s glorious march into more than two centenaries of its independence continues to inspire and lure nations into its fold with the cherished ‘Great American Dream’.