Akshay Kumar surprises his die hard fans on his 52nd birthday with the announcement of a biopic on Samrat Prithiviraj Chauhan

akshay kumar thanks fans

Actor Akshay Kumar has thanked his fans and followers through a video on Twitter for millions of wishes on his 52nd birthday.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! No matter how many ever times I say it, it’s not enough for all the love and wishes showered upon me. Still tried my best to show my gratitude. Thank you for making my day, each one of you.”

The actor received wishes from his co-actors, friends and fans which made his day special. He mentioned his fan clubs all over the country for celebrating his birthday with social works and helping the needy.

He also mentioned his mother emphasising the relevance of ‘dua’ [wishes] for which he is thankful to the nation.

On his birthday he announced his upcoming film Prithviraj, a biopic of Prithviraj Chauhan.

“Elated to share about my 1st historical film on my birthday! Humbled to have the opportunity to play a hero I look up to for his valor & values- Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan in one of my biggest films #Prithviraj. Producer @yrf, director #DrChandraprakashDwivedi, releasing Diwali 2020”

Produced by Yash Raj Film and Chandraparaksh Dwivedi directorial Prithviraj is to hit the theatre on Diwali 2020.

 “As a nation, we should always celebrate our heroes and immortalize what they did to propagate the values that Indians lived by. Prithviraj is our attempt to bring to light his valour and daredevilry,” Akshay stated about the film.

Akshay is very enthusiastic about the film for drawing inspiration from the legendary historic symbol of brevity on screen.

“Prithviraj was the only person standing in front of a merciless nemesis and the bravery he showed, made him a true Indian hero, an inspiration for generations and a legend. So this announcement coming on my birthday has indeed made it more special for me.”