Bullet trains in Japan to enthrall you with ‘Hello Kitty’ faces!

The cutie kitty in Hello Kittie will soon be staring right in your face, courtesy Japan railways.

Pretty in pink and delightfully endearing, Japan’s latest bullet train will have your heart melt away for sure!

hello kitty train
Source: Pinterest


The Hello Kitty branding features cover the outside and interior of the train, covering its seats, floors and windows.

The interiors of the entire train will feature the icon but the highlight, nonetheless, will be the huge replica of the much loved doll, with which visitors will be able to take selfies.

Additionally to boost tourist attraction. the first carriage will have no seats but will offer passengers the chance to buy regional goods and foods from western Japan.

Aimed at promoting tourism, the move by Japan’s Ministry of Railways relies heavily on the adorable doll created by Yuko Shimizu more than four decades.

Hello Kitty is particularly famous all over Japan and can be found on everything from key chains to motor oil, aeroplanes to toilet paper and the brand is now estimated to be worth billions of dollars. No wonder then that the bullet train themed on the kitty will attract millions of awed visitors, and will specifically prove to be a delight for children.
The train is scheduled to begin service between Osaka and Hakata on June 30 commencing a three month trial.