Chihuahuas from Birmingham house to feature in The Dog Rescuers


Dog lovers abound everywhere. But have you ever heard of a couple rearing atleast 80 canines? Chances are, you haven’t.

But hey, one Birmingham couple has the distinction of ‘hoarding’ 82 dogs. Just freaking imagine!

The chihuahuas were ‘discovered’ at the house after police were called to investigate a death. The incident is, however, atleast one year old with the discovery occurring in April last year but is now released as a report before being aired on  Channel 5’s The Dog Rescuers, due on Wednesday.

Source: Mirror

The house apparently looked like it had been hit by an earthquake and the RSPCA were called by the police after they encountered the conditions.

Some of the dogs reportedly had fleas on them, while others had matted coats or burns.

The couple started out by petting two dogs, that multiplied over the course of four years but the incredible ‘number’ of dogs was out in the open only after the female owner passed away from some accident.


Source: Aydin Post

The charity’s Newbrook Farm Hospital took care of the dogs, and returned four to the husband, after the house was cleaned and renovated.

The cops were taken by surprise as the little fellows virtually popped out of basically everywhere.


Source: The Dodo

However, the situation was not put under the radar because apparently, the dogs were loved by their owners.

June 27 will see this classic case of ‘love’ go on air on the sixth season of The Dog Rescuers to promote RSPCA’s message to neuter pets in order to avoid unwanted litters.