Dakota Johnson- Chris Martin spotted on a romantic lunch


Celebrity couple Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin’s romance saga seems to be at an all time high.

Tuesday afternoon witnessed the star duo enjoying a romantic lunch in California.



The pair shared the meal at Gjelina in Venice Beach in an unusual display of public acceptance of their relationship.

Both the stars have tried to stay out of the limelight ever since reports arose of their dating last October.

Dakota kept it casual with a green sweater over a pair of ripped jeans, paired with black platform sneakers.

Chris also kept it cool with just a grey sweater over a pair of rolled up navy trousers, accessorised with a cap.


Source: Daily headlines


The couple appeared to be deeply in love, as they held hands and laughed with each other.

Even photographs emerged of the love birds kissing and cuddling up.

Only last Saturday, the duo were spotted together, attending the 60th birthday celebrations of Ellen de Generes.


dakota-chris spotting
Source: Celebrity.Moscow

Seems like the pair are finally ready to make it all out. We hope this comes soon!