Donald Trump- Kim Jong Un’s meeting sparks off hilarious reactions!

donald trump- kim jong un

Two of the world’s most disputing leaders had a first meeting Tuesday morning.

American president Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un blessed internet with a series of laughs, as they met recently.

Source: Kremlin Post

That, given the fact that both Trump and Un have had a habit of calling each other names.

While the ‘inconsequential’ document signing during the meeting was thoroughly ridiculed, people did not spare even the leaders’ appearances.

The pants of both personalities generated quite a number of memes, what with Kim’s trousers seeming to flare up even more than the US President’s.

Hilarious illustrations of the signed document were also seen doing the rounds on social media immediately.

Source: Twipu

Even the gestures of the two  men caught the public eye.

With insults unfurled at each other at just the beginning of the year courtesy their tense relationship, their latest rendezvous was a departure as Trump appeared as more of  a ‘fatherly figure’ to Kim.