Dreamy Game of Thrones romance all set to get real!


Reel is all set to get real now!

Game of Thrones stars Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie are set for their legal union this Saturday.

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The pair has reportedly been in an on and off relationship since 2012 but chose to come out in the open only last year, and reportedly got engaged in September.

The love birds will get married today on 23rd June,2018 in a sprawling castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and will have the band Mumford & Sons performing at the wedding.

While Harrington plays the role of Jon Snow in the highly popular American television franchisee, Rose plays Ygritte and the fantasy show also depicts them as reel lovers.

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Interestingly, the romance also brewed over their costarring in the drama.

Leslie, who is a royal descendant, will reportedly wed Kit at a family castle in Scotland in a ceremony that promises to be a luxurious celebration of their union.

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Fellow GoT stars have already made their way towards the venue for the big day with spottings of Sophie Turner and Peter Dinklage.

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Earlier, Kit had revealed rather candidly that he in fact popped up ‘the question’ much earlier than intended because he couldn’t wait to have Leslie in his life forever. Awww!

And while the couple has mostly been very private, fans indeed were blessed to witness a more affectionate display of the ‘royal’ couple post their engagement!

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Seems like the much awaited wedding of the year is indeed going to be one grand spectacle!