Glorifying hypothesis- Elon Musk is not done with the idea of nuking Red planet

elon musk wants to nuke mars

Terraforming the Red Planet has been an alternative idea to inhabit Mars as our mother planet Earth is boiling with global warming. One of the terrestrial planets, Mars having quite a similar landmass is indeed the second option to colonise as scientists believe. Many scientists and private institutions across the world are planning to land on Mars in the coming years among which the controversial billionaire Elon Musk’s obsession with the planet often capture the attention.

Recently, Musk tweeted to nuke Mars. It is not the first time he proposed the idea with a bizarre theory to terraform the Red planet. Since 2015 he has been trying to establish the theory of nuking Mars with the nuclear weapon which he believes would release the trapped carbon-di-oxide into the atmosphere.

Even though the scientific analysis proved the Musk hypothesis wrong, the owner of the Space Exploration Technologies Corp. known as Spacex, Elon Musk took Twitter to further his excitement to nuke the Red Planet. In a series of tweets, he also promised to unveil T-shirts of it and a few hours later he made it available on the Spacex online store.

In the following tweets, Musk tried to establish the idea of colonising Mars. He tweeted, “Hey babe, fancy a hot date …? @4thFromOurStar.”

Musk is considered as a tech pioneer and the face of Tesla. The 28 million Musk followers have often got the most controversial posts from his tweets. The Tesla owner billionaire has recently indulged himself in a controversy smoking pot in media appearance in Canadian Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Elon Musk and SpaceX have proposed Mars colonisation by 2024 which will be the first human landing on the Red planet.