Cher takes a bite of weird dishes with James Corden

Goddess of Pop Cher plays along the spirit of the game as well!

On June 19 last, the singer graced The Late,Late Show with James Corden, devouring a ‘delectable’ spread of cow tongue and a caterpillar!



Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts had a rather daring duo last Tuesday, checking out a wide spread of savoury delicacies instead of not keeping mum.


Source: Broadway World

Cher had her moment of ‘glory’ when she was asked about her four favorite lovers, apart from Tom Cruise. The answer- a dried caterpillar stuffed up her mouth!

Next up was a moment of candid acceptance about having ‘saved’ a woman from being assaulted, with fellow star Meryl Streep.

But the ultimate moment of exaltation for the 72 year old singer dawned with her chomping down of a cow tongue, courtesy of having to speak one good thing about Donald Trump.

Source: LimeandLife

Corden had to join in as well, as he chose not to reveal who the drunkest person at the royal wedding was, though he knew ‘exactly who it was’! His reward- o quaint, thousand year old egg!

A delightful concoction of “fish and chips and mushy peas smoothie” was the next in line for the host’s gulp, as he refused to do favoritism with any of his Carpool Karaoke Partners.

Needless to say, this is what good stuff is made of!