FIFA World Cup 2018- Argentine exploits off the field!

The 2018 FIFA World Cup couldn’t have got more interesting!

‘Somewhat favorites’ Argentina under performing in the initial stage to finally rallying from behind to outclass latter competitors and march into the last 16, to a highly anticipated Germany making a humiliating exit to release their holder ship of the Cup, soccer fever is at an all time high.

But what has taken the world by storm since Argentina’s much awaited heroics last Tuesday was indeed the iconic Diego Maradona’s weirdly expressive oddities.

The football great’s gestures and celebrations have been the talk of netizens and Twitter erupted in a slew of hilarious memes mimicking the eccentric emotions on display that left millions of people around the globe highly amused.

Titanic, Undertaker, Bohemian Rhapsody, Game of Thrones, Priya Prakash and what not! Twitter found Maradona in the center of literally every conceivable meme.

Even the footballing great’s high blood pressure concerns was not spared the wit of wacky, over imaginative brains.

Twitter spares none! Not even ‘The Maradona’!