FIFA World Cup 2018- Dawn of the quarterfinals

FIFA 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 is finally off to the quarter final stage today.

While Uruguay and France clash earlier in the day, the late night thrill will depend on the all important match where Brazil clashes with Belgium, the atmosphere is expected to be electrifying and the power high on voltage.

And of course, with Brazilian Neymar never failing to mesmerise us with his stunning exploits on and off the field, this is one match that is definitely keeping us waiting.

Source: Stadium Astro


Oh wait, it’s not only the waiting. Kids in Switzerland are also ‘rolling’ around in mock pain, once again courtesy Neymar.

With the favorites already out of the tournament long back, hopes are high on Brazil to lead the pack of football frenzied anticipation from across the world. And while Neymar sure managed to carry all hopes the last time around, this time expectations are higher.

Because obviously Neymar, show us some other skills as well, boy!