Indian football fan loses life in Russia

2018 World Cup

World Cup 2018 in Russia is turning out to be the World Cup of heartbreaks, for reasons other than the game as well.

A disappointing weekend not only marked the unexpected exit of football greats Argentina and Portugal from sport’s pinnacle event, but also claimed the life of an Indian fan in the host city of Russia.

Source: Oyakhisblog

The tournament host city Sochi witnessed a major accident on Saturday killing a Russian taxi driver and an Indian citizen at the scene with another Indian passenger being seriously injured.

Source: Dailyhunt


The Renault Logan taxi drove on the wrong side of the road, violating road regulations, and crashed into a bus in an incident that the police blamed the driver of the vehicle for.

Incidentally, this is the first reported death of a FIFA visitor in the country. The victim was identified as Aditya Ranjan and efforts are on to send the body home as soon as possible.