FIFA World Cup 2018- The world show of antics!

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

2018 FIFA World Cup has been an event of bizarres.

Footballing exploits (or the lack of it) apart, fans have spruced up world soccer’s showpiece event. From a world voyage by an Indian football crazy fan to people carrying their friend’s cutout to ‘witness’ the spectacle, the greatest event on earth has been high on mileage ever since its beginning.

Source: ORAinfo


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Source: The Quint

And now in another amusing incident of unprecedented heroics, a man took out his wallet and lit his cigarette while enjoying a tense game of kicking!

The Iran vs Spain match had its share of history as the Fox cameras portrayed the unusual hero who nonchalantly took out the wallet to derive his quota of smoke filled inhalement.

Twitter, as usual, was ecstatic.

And while wallet lighter is very much a real thing, it’s certainly not advisable to try such ‘sorcery’. And we even wonder how did the match officials overlook such a pivotal case that may have seriously created security issues in such a high profile event?

Well, that’s the magic of football for you. You can experience virtually everything here, specially and specifically when you least expect it!