‘Gold’ trailer is a stupendous array of Akshay’s prowess

gold movie

Akshay Kumar’s much talked about film Gold finally had its trailer launch recently.

With a series of posters and teasers doing the rounds on social media for long, Gold has been highly anticipated by movie buffs, courtesy the superfine Akshay’s strong screen presence.

And now the latest trailer brings forth a determinedly passionate Kumar rooting for an Indian victory under the national flag.

Inspired by  real life story that focusses on Indian hockey’s golden exploits in the international scene, Gold trailer will stir you with a bounty of emotions as you witness a doggedly purposeful protagonist vowing to make it big for the nation’s sake.

Overwhelmed by the fact that India’s success as a nation could not be projected by the victories that came about under the British rule, Akshay sets out on a journey to build up a team that would be resilient enough to fight against all odds and be as decisive as himself when it comes to going all out for the glory that has been sneaked away by the British from under India’s rightful due.


akshay kumar in gold movie
Source: Cinetales

Akshay is blazing all guns right through the trailer and the patriotic spirit that takes root in you as you proceed further into the video is enough evidence of Gold’s purposeful tug at all those emotions in your heart that will surely grant the actor a special appeal in your subconscious, for that unfazed display of die hard national sentiment.


mouni roy in gold
Source: Dailyhunt

The passion in the character enacted by Akshay is palpable throughout the trailer which also witnesses telly beauty Mouni Roy playing the actor’s wife,and we can’t wait for the major revealing that will happen when the film opens in theaters on 15th August this year!