Henry Cavill rules over Mission Impossible with an arm flex!

Henry Cavill

Mission Impossible: Fallout is majorly about Henry Cavill, if not all about him.

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Be it his mustache or otherwise or even his epic arm loading shot, Cavill surely has got the world talking.

While his mustache was very much of an unintended shot at fame, the arm had been worked upon and even dropped, before finally claiming the world over with its insanely suave charm.

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Move over the mustache, though it did make Henry Cavill look like a million bucks. The talk of the town is the saga which he has undoubtedly created virtue his now viral shot.

Twitterati are going gaga over how this one shot of the man are giving them the vibes.

Henry Cavill
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After all, suave and charm is not that easy to come by. And even harder to resist!