A journey to Bollywood, Himesh recorded Ranu Mondal’s gifted voice

himesh reshammiya and ranu mondal

A recent video of Ranu Mondal singing Lata Mangeskar’s classic hit “Ek pyaar ka nagma hai” in a railway station of West Bengal went viral capturing the attention of Bollywood music artist Himesh Reshammiya.

Recently, Himesh posted a video of recording the song Teri Meri Kahani for his upcoming film Happy Hardy and Heer with Ranu which he had promised a few days earlier.

Posting the video from his studio on Instagram Himesh wrote, “Recorded teri meri kahani my new song from happy hardy and heer with the very talented ranu mondal who has a divine voice , all your our dreams can come true if we have the courage to peruse them, a positive attitude can really make dreams come true, thanks for all your love and support.”

Ranu will also appear on Sony TV’s reality show “Superstar Singer” and meet the kids and judges.

In a recent statement, Himesh expressed the necessity of recognizing the talents saying, “Salman Bhai’s father Salim uncle once advised me that whenever in life I come across a talented person, I should never let that person go and keep him/her close to me. He advised me to help that person grow his/her talent.”

“Today, I met Ranu ji and I feel that she is blessed with divinity. Her singing was mesmerizing and I could not stop myself from offering her the best I could. She has a god’s gift which needs to be shared with the world and by singing in my upcoming movie, Happy Hardy and Heer, I think I will help her voice reach everyone. She also learnt the tune on the sets live and she will record the track immediately in a day or two and the song is titled “Teri meri kahani,” he added.

Actor Suniel Shetty appreciated Reshammiya commenting on the post, “Hats of to you Himesh … bravo … godbless.”

A hashtag #HimeshReshammiya currently is on the Twitter trend which reflects the appreciation from the Twitterati.