Irrfan Khan’s emotional letter as he struggles with a rare disease


Irrfan Khan’s letter from London where he is undergoing treatment for his illness, has again brought him to the public eye.

Khan, who has been struggling with Neuro Endocrine Cancer, has started a ‘caravan’ of his desire to continue working during illness. Irrfan’s forthcoming film is called Karwan, which will be released on August 3. The actor has written an emotional letter from London to the Times of India, which was shared by senior film critic Ajay Brahmatmaz on his blog Chavanni Chap.

irrfan khan
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Irrfan wrote in his blog, “A few months ago suddenly I came to know that I am suffering from neuroendocrine cancer. I heard this word for the first time. When I searched about it, I did not find much research on it. There was not even much information about it. This is the name of a rare physiological condition and due to this the uncertainty of its treatment is high. So far I was traveling in a high speed train. I had some dreams, there were some plans, there were some desires, there was no goal. ‘ But suddenly someone shook me, and I looked back, there was the TC. He said, your station has come, please get down. I got confused. I said that my destination has not come yet. He said – no you have to get off at this stop.

irrfan khan
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‘In between this fear and pain I tell my son,’ I want to be right in any condition. I have to stand back on my feet. I do not want these fears and pain. After a few weeks I was admitted to a hospital. There is a pain in fear. It was known that it would be pain, but such a pain … now the intensity of pain is being understood … nothing is working. No consolation, No motivation. The whole process was reduced to that moment of pain … the pain felt bigger and bigger than God.’