J K Rowling’s heartwarming gesture for fan will win you over


J K Rowling is a woman of pure magic!

The creator of the delightful kingdom of Hogwarts and the teenage wizard Harry Potter has indeed a heart of gold when it comes to acknowledging her fans.

And this time around, the lucky muggle was none other than a 12 year old girl from Kashmir.

The young lass, Kulsum, wrote a heart warming note of admiration for the author, and worded it so very touchingly that her teacher took to Twitter to share the letter, and also tagged the magical genius in it.

And much to the delight of the teacher, Rowling read the note and replied as hearteningly as well!

It was two months earlier that this warming exchange had occurred on social media, and while everyone had probably forgotten about the entire episode, Rowling remained true to her words, and gifted her fan Harry potter merchandise, along with a hand written note.

Obviously, the entire staff of Haji public School was ecstatic, but it got magnified following Rowling’s acknowledgement tweet.

That was so gratifying Ms Rowling, we must say!