Jenna Dewan bares it all for Women’s Health

Jenna Dewan

American actress and dancer Jenna Dewan is in the news for her nude photoshoot recently.

Stripping down for the September issue of Women’s Health magazine, Dewan was a sight to behold as she showcased her picture perfect body in the latest cover.


The magazine’s annual Naked Issue features the 37 old year producer and host in her confident and sexy avatar, and the dancer says that she has no issues with nudity.

That, because of the fact that as a professional dancer she has been used to too little clothing her entire life.

And while she aced the shoot in her demi goddess avatar, she also opened up about the relationship with her ex husband, singer Channing Tatum.

Source: Bravo TV

Terming her nine year marriage to Tatum- and the separation- as something that has helped her grow, Dewan admits that it have been tough for her; however, she decides to stay strong and do what’s best for her and her five year old daughter.

Dewan’s daughter with Tatum, Everly is the joy of the diva’s life and she does every thing possible to make her feel spirited and confident in her own skin. Jenna wants her daughter to think of her mother as a ‘fully actualized, sensual woman’ and that may be part of the reason why she doesn’t bother even when she faced backlash on social media following a lingerie photoshoot.

Source: OK! Magazine

But Dewan is not someone to be shut off by trolls, rather she has a message for all those mom shamers. Jenna strongly believes that just being a mother should not rob women off their sexuality and freedom. Rather, that should be something that enhances one’s individuality since you do something as liberating as giving a life.

Jenna Dewan does really bare it all this time- body and soul!