Jim Carrey’s unabashed take on Donald Trump’s continuing tirades

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Jim Carrey is one exceptional artist. In the true sense of the term.

The comedian and actor emotes exceptionally well, no doubt. But there’s something else he’s so damn better at.

Making caricatures. Yes, Indeed!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mark Zuckerberg and Jared Kushner as also Eric and Donald Trump Jr have been fortunate (or, maybe unfortunate) enough to have been subjects of Master Carrey’s epic rendezvous with the arts.

So how can the man of the moment, like basically every moment, escape the wrath of Mr Jim?

Well, Donald Trump have had more than his share of controversies, and Jim Carrey’s latest depiction of the US president will likely plunge him into controversy even further.

Time magazine had portrayed trump in their latest cover, courtesy his unending tirades.  The president had called for immigrants who illegally enter the country to be deported without judicial proceedings.

And Carrey had the perfect reply to the US ‘antagonist’.

This, however, was not the actor’s first attack on Trump.

The ‘Christianity style’ cartoon might just be the most dubious of Carrey’s tributes yet!

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