From ravishing princess to present day stunner, Kriti Sanon stuns in dual avatars for Housefull 4

kriti sanon in housefull 4

You have seen her being adorable in all her sprite and effervescence, she has been gorgeous in essence and a performer to look up to in her five year old journey in Bollywood. And while she has managed to modestly tickle the funny ribs of the audience or incite them into thoughts with her portrayals, this Diwali Kriti Sanon is daring to go all out to dab in comedy, a genre that she has explored but not immersed into yet.

With the release of Housefull 4, the fourth installment in the outragingly successful comedy franchise Housefull, Diwali 2019 is set to be cracking up with Sanon’s histrionics, albeit in a manner that bears lesser semblance to any of her previous outings. A reincarnation comedy that is guaranteed to ignite laugh riots like its prequels, Housefull 4 is expected to light up theaters and Diwali this October like never before!

The trailer release of Housefull 4 some time back has done even more to up the frenzy, seeking to deliver with the extravagance of its sets and the total madness in action unfolding as a laugh bomb. What however makes Housefull4 a movie more anticipates is that all the actors in the titular roles will be enacting double roles! Which means Diwali this year will be not only a dhamaka, but double dhamaka for all!

Interestingly, Sanon will be seen in the film playing a namesake Kriti ‘reprising’ her role from a life past lived as Rajkumari Madhu. In fact, not only Kriti, all the others forming the stellar cast including Akshay Kumar, Ritesih Deshmukh, Bobby Deol, Pooja Hegde, Kriti Kharbanda and Sanon will be seen in double roles because of the film being essentially a reincarnation drama.

Opposite Akshay’s Rajkumar Bala Dev Singh, Sanon’s vintage princess avatar sees her in a glamorous regal look that is every bit as enchanting as dramatic. That however is way back in 1419. Cut to 600 years later in 2019 and Sanon is her own self now, the high on verve, modern young woman not however betrothed to Kumar’s Harry. What unfolds thereafter is some epic comedy stemming from the confusion of the past life existence manifested in a reincarnation of the present times, as each yesteryear couple seeks to be reunited in romance.

Diwali extravaganza just got a bit more of the extravagance! Fun is definitely in the air this festive season with Housefull 4!