Miley- Liam shuts off breakup rumors with goofy video

Miley- Liam

Liam Hemsworth sure knows how to handle ‘speculations’ like a boss!

With media reports placing his relationship with Miley Cyrus as currently on the rocks, Liam spoke out in his trademark ‘foolhardy’ style that has been the USP of the star affair.

Liam took to Instagram to share a video from their recent car ride, in which he purportedly spooked his fiance, in a tell tale sign that they are still very much together.

The pair was in a fun mood, with both of them swaying to some music when out of the blue Hemsworth made a panicked call, insisting something to be wrong with the car.

The 28 year old Australian actor was in full play mode as he let out a shriek before hitting the brakes, as he sought to ‘intensify’ the impact on Cyrus.

Miley retorted with a “I am gonna beat the s…” before stopping herself from completing the sentence.

Earlier, Ok! magazine had reported that the star couple had split over the singer’s reluctance to settle down and start a family. Liam however rubbished all such reports in style, even without resorting to verbarian tactics.

Source: Pinterest

The reports arose in a section of media after the 25 year old Miley swept clean her Instagram account, removing every single photo. Speculations were rife that this was a move signifying the end of the relationship.

However, everything seems to be more than just fine between the couple with this goofy video. And we hope, everything always will be!