Nazi cutlery’s exorbitant ‘under the hammer’ exploits

nazi cutlery

A set of cutlery commemorating the 50th birth anniversary of Adolf Hitler recently went under the hammer.


Source: Reddit

The two knives, three spoons and three forks dinner silverware ensemble reportedly got auctioned for a staggering $16,850 (£12,500) on Thursday.

nazi cutlery


The set was owned by a senior military officer and was discovered at the late officer’s Dorset house prior to it being put up for auction by Charterhouse Auctioneers.

Each individual piece in the dinnerware sports the Nazi symbol swastika, the emblem of a Nazi eagle and also Hitler’s initials.

nazi cutlery
Source: YoNovosti


With the sold set one rare discovery from among the 3000 ones that was made by German silversmiths Bruckmann & Sohne from silver coloured metal in April 1939, the sale was understandably going to create frenzy in the niche market that valued such memorabilia.


nazi cutlery
Source: The Jewish Chronicle

And while the sale of such Nazi relics is permitted in Britain, there have been widespread condemnation of the trade, with even Facebook being urged to block sites that resorts to such dealings.

Interestingly, even amidst widespread criticism, the set fetched almost 5 times more than its base price of £2,300.

The identity of the buyer of this ‘piece of history’, however, was not revealed.