Coca Cola is all set to improve its Coke Zero Sugar but fans are not really looking forward to ‘Taste the Feeling’


What do you make of a drink iconic enough to boast its own legion of followers loyal enough to wince at even the slightest mention of any tweak to their favorite mode of refreshment? Undoubtedly, the answer has to lie somewhere within the realms of the offering by a brand that is widely recognised as the world’s most popular soft drink name. And with the Coca Cola Company’s ubiquitous offering of Coke with which it has managed to capture the fancy of consumers for more than a century now, the buzz sure is bound to be one that finds global resonance.

And as the soft drinks giant is all set to embrace more wholeheartedly the evolving taste preferences of its generations of continuing consumers, the iconic drink is all set to get a unique take on its taste. With its Coca Cola Zero Sugar, that was introduced in 2005 as Coke Zero as the company’s biggest product launch in more than two decades, the company is keen on laying out its experimental pursuit as it seeks to ‘deliver an even more iconic Coke taste’ with the new and improved Coke Zero Sugar. Retaining the ingredients and nutritional content of the original will be the new version of the no sugar beverage, that will hit the market this month in the United States offering a more ‘optimized’ taste of it while embodying a completely new look.

However, fans’ response to the yet to be launched version of the popular product is not very encouraging, with many wanting to stick to the original formula of the Coke Zero Sugar, given specifically how the company’s one earlier experimentation with tweaking the flavour of its classic offering yielded the utterly forgettable New Coke way back in 1985. Even as the company’s first formula change in almost a century, the rebranded drink turned out to be nothing short of a disaster, prompting even the company to call it “one of the most memorable marketing blunders ever.” Naturally therefore, given its not decent enough run with rebranding, die hard fans of Coke Zero Sugar are unwilling to yield to the brand’s ‘tampering’ with their favorite beverage of choice for fear that it might fall from grace to a similar fate. And anyway it was only as recently as in 2017 that Coca Cola had already ‘reformulated’ the Coke Zero drink to render it a taste profile closer to the regular Coke. Particularly for enthusiasts of the Coke Zero Sugar still longing for the original 2005 indeed less sugar version of it, the 2021 move already, and understandably smacks of an experience even closer to debacle.