Over 20 million join Grand Master Akshar’s online live yoga sessions during lockdown

grandmaster akshar

The times of the Covid Pandemic proved the importance of Yoga to bring positivity, health and mindfulness to everyday life. Yoga became a Friend to the world to help people heal themselves from trauma, anxiety, stress and even improve upon their immunity.

In a bid to provide a healthy life to his followers, Grand Master Akshar expanded his digital presence during the lockdown phase. His Facebook Page became the go-to guide to embrace a healthy lifestyle for more than 20 million online users. Many people across the world leveraged the quarantine phase to adopt healthy habits and fitness routine. In this regard, The Akshar Yoga Facebook page came to the rescue of many by providing the right guidance.

Akshar Yoga Ashram also organized many live sessions to address queries of yoga practitioners, Spiritual seekers and Yoga enthusiasts. The sessions were vibrant and full of valuable knowledge. Thousands of people attended these live programs to have their queries answered about various issues such as health, wellness, stress, anxiety, diabetes, blood pressure and so much more.

The courses that were conducted included weight loss exercises, yoga for beginners, yoga for therapy, daily yoga classes for overall fitness, stress relief, mental balance and more.

Special Himalayan meditation techniques were revealed by Grand Master Akshar, such as Siddho Hum Dhyan, Aarambh Dhyan, Chandra Grahan Meditation and Surya Grahan Meditation.

Grand Master Akshar said “COVID-19 has changed the lifestyle of people worldwide. This sudden change needed good preparation and Yoga is one such method which can help you to build yourself as per time, place and circumstance. This is the reason why Yoga is accepted globally during these Pandemic times. Thousands of people expressed how they were able to transform themselves. They were able to change these trying times into a positive phase, people were able to achieve their health goals, reduce stress and even bring diabetes under control. These are signs of a positive growth in people’s health at a time when it is needed the most.”

He further said “Virtual sessions are gaining popularity because they are easy to access and are timeless. We hope to continue our journey on digital platforms to add value to people across the world.”

Grand Master Akshar is dedicated towards the welfare of people and is actively involved in spreading awareness on yoga. He has millions of followers across the world. Grand Master Akshar has also launched many books of yoga and its benefits across the levels – beginners, advanced, professional.

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