Priyanka Chopra’s ‘unsolitary’ foray back into country!


Pee Cee has an intricate connection with hot news.

And of course, with Nick Jonas as well!


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After months of globe trotting, desi girl is back in desiland. The star was spotted in Mumbai airport recently and while that is good news for her fans, it can even get better.


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Ms Chopra was seen driving away in a car, with a guy by her side, who apparently looked like Jonas, from whatever little glimpse the paparazzi could get of him.

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With an intensified date weekend and also Priyanka’s presence in a family wedding of the Jonas, it’s pretty much official now, for at least all gossip mongers.

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And while the duo have not publicly made any acceptance or denial of all the rumors, they have also never shied away from photographers.

Priyanka Chopra will next will be seen in Salman khan’s Bharat, which is her first work in Bollywood post 2016.