Apple stuns with new iPhone XR, XS and XS Max- everything you need to know


Three most awaited flagship iPhones were launched by Apple recently on September 12th even as it decided to discontinue a trio of its previous 2018 models.

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR were launched on September 12 and in a not so surprising move, the tech giant decided to further push up the prices of the new models, as it hopes to replicate its previous success run.

Source: Mirror


With prices starting at $749 (INR 76,900) for the iPhone XR, $999 (INR 99,900) for the iPhone XS and $1099 (INR 1,09,900) for the iPhone XS Max, Apple has relied on its previous experience of encountering ever burgeoning sales even as it continues to bring about steep increases in the prices of its latest offerings.

But even as Apple brought to fore its most expensive phones ever with the trio release, it unexpectedly called down the sale of the iPhone X, iPhone 6S and the iPhone SE variants as it strives to drive up sales for its latest collection.

However, the variants will be available in India as of now, till at least the stock lasts. But the earlier products have already been pulled down from the company’s website in the US.

As for the new releases, the homecoming in India will be on different dates. So while the XS series will be available in the country from September 28, the relatively cheaper iPhone XR will be arriving a little late on October 26 this year.

Source: Times of India

Interestingly, the iPhone XS Max offers a 6.5 inch screen, which is the largest in any Apple phone till date. However, another notable feature of the new announcement which led to the annulment of the 6S and SE variants means that iPhones will be without a headphone jack from now on, unless of course the company decides to reintroduce the same.

Smartphones are in for a revolution again, it seems. Apple, forever the game changer!