Ariana- Pete’s case of ‘instant’ romance!


Celebrity couple Ariana Grande- Pete Davidson’s relationship isn’t anything ordinary!

After all, getting engaged to someone after just a few weeks of dating seems outright weird and the stars took everyone by surprise when they announced their plans to settle down some time soon.

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But perhaps, that’s not the only thing that has been hasty in their much talked about love relationship. At least not in terms of their first encounter.

The 24 year old actor considers himself the luckiest guy in the universe as he prepares to spend his entire life with Grande, whom he had told that he would like to marry her on the very day they had met.

And while might seem too fast forward for someone to develop any kind of feelings for a person they hardly even knew, the reciprocation was surprisingly evident.

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In fact, it was Grande who had also wanted to marry Davidson on the day they had first met almost two years back. That, even before they had been friends or even mere acquaintances.

Ariana’s appearance on The Jimmy Fallon Show on Thursday turned out to be a memorable show as she revealed much about her relationship, in line with what Pete had done recently in an interview with GQ.

And now, the couple are at perhaps the most stable stage in their relationship. With the lovebirds waiting to take the plunge, preparations are on for a life of togetherness, with house decorations and grocery shopping almost sorted out.

But perhaps Ariana’s most significant step in this phase of her life has been the recent release of her new album titled Sweetener, which interestingly also features a song named after her fiance.

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Could love have been any more Sweetened? We wonder!