Elon Musk stirs up a smoke with Rogan Joe in live interview!


Elon Musk isn’t just one of the brightest minds around on this planet, he certainly is one of the most wayward too!

The Tesla CEO and innovation giant took ‘cool’ to the all new level when he reportedly puffed on a joint of marijuana and tobacco in a live interview recently.

In his Thursday night interview with podcast host Joe Rogan, Musk dealt at length on how difficult it actually is to be a person like him.

Source: The Conservative Cartel

And while he diffidently admitted that his head is a never ending explosion and that running a company like Tesla is not something anyone of us would want to do, Musk, however, did have us taken aback in surprise when he casually accepted Rogan’s offering of the ‘offending’ joint, quipping that the stuff is very much legal.

It of course is in California, where Musk sat down for the conversation with Joe and the entrepreneur had no qualms in taking a shot at the smoke pot. Nevertheless, the SpaceX CEO revealed that he does not indulge regularly in weed smoking as he finds it to be not very good for enhancing productivity.

Source: The Drive

Weed is like “a cup of coffee in reverse”, and as Musk drew upon the analogy we could not help but wonder the level of nonchalance this brilliant mind of a person must have exercised even as he was supposedly representing Tesla as CEO during the YouTube live interview.

And while the chit chat indeed was remarkable, with Musk’s views on his own person as well as people’s perception of him, the high- or low- point was indeed the weedling heroics of this man with a mission!