Elon Musk’s Instagram at stake after spat with Azealia Banks


Tesla head Elon Musk might just have deleted his Instagram account!

With more than eight million followers and with a presence as strong as his on the social media platform, Musk going off Insta might seem unlikely, but the shocker is real nonetheless.

Courtesy his ongoing ugly spat with Azealia Banks, the Tesla CEO had unfollowed Banks on the photo sharing site and Banks also had followed suit.

Source: Consequence of Sound

The drama of a few weeks back has been heating up social media when Azealia reportedly claimed that she had heard him scrounging for investors after having been invited to Musk’s home by his girlfriend Grimes. Banks also stirred up the matter further when she asked Musk in public to give him her phone back, alleging that his attorney had paid her attorney to get hold of her cell.

As for Banks, all she wants is to get her phone back with all of her ‘quality nudes’ intact.

Well, Elon Musk and Banks is sure dishing out some entertaining drama!