Fake diamonds and a broken engagement


Nirav Modi won’t just dupe you of money, he will make sure you are duped of emotions as well.

Canadian Paul Alfonso learned this the hard way when the ‘kind of an older brother figure’ passed of fake diamond rings as ‘perfect’ to the unsuspecting fiance-to-be, who had specially made the US$ 200,000 purchases to propose to his girlfriend.

The irony in the case however was that even after being acquainted with Modi since 2012, Alfonso was unaware of Modi’s financial scams and the magnitude of his cheat dealings, rather looking up to him with admiration.

nirav modi fake diamonds
Source: Catch Hindi

The deal did not come cheap either- the approx 1.4 crore deal cost Alfonso not only the apparent sum of money, but also heartbreak and depression, as his lady love broke up with him, for she could not believe that her fiance let himself be lured into a transaction worth crores without verifying its authenticity.

Alfonso now accuses Modi of ‘ruining his life’ and has initiated a civil lawsuit in the Superior Court of California, suing him for US$4.2 million dollars. The mounting amount of the case takes into account also the emotional and punitive damages caused to him, apart from the value of the rings.

Source: Dailyhunt

Alfonso, however, has now become aware of Nirav Modi’s ‘reputation’ as a fraudster and is anticipating justice, though he very well perceives that it might be delayed, given Modi’s unending list of duping creditors. The disbelieving victim hopes that people will not be lured further by the sweet words and gestures of this man whom Alfonso deciphered to be a fraud, in the hardest possible way.