Inseparable Ranveer- Deepika sums it up with a kiss after vacay!


Move on over PricNick people, it’s now time for Ranveer and Deepika to grace headlines!

Bollywood is known to have sheltered numerous hush- hush love affairs, and the Ranveer- Deepika saga is no exception.

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However, while Deepika has forever been diplomatically unspoken on the issue, Ranveer, on the other hand, has always been on a public show of affection for his lady love.

Obviously, the buzz in the media went far off with the relationship, with numerous spottings and outings of the couple, even when speculations could not decipher the true story.

But now, all seems to be full and final for the star duo as recent news suggested a possible wedding sometime in the later part of this year.

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And with news of their union surfacing in the public, the stars have decided to shun all previous apprehensions and are now seen flirting and courting each other in public.

In fact Deepika and Ranveer were recently in the United States for a holiday, choosing to spend some quality time together even when breaking off from their respective work schedules.

Source: Hindustan Times

But wait, that’s just not it! The romance continued even when they were back in the city, with the love birds signing it off with a kiss as a parting goodbye.

Ranveer- Deepika, we are watching!