Instagram’s Latest Update- IGTV


Watch out, YouTube! You finally have some competition! Instagram rolled out its latest app update and it’s an interesting development, to say the least. IGTV (Instagram TV? Cool!) allows its users to upload video content up to 60 minutes long, which, needless to say, is a lot more than the 60 second mini-videos we were all used to!


Instagram TV
Source: Pictaram

In a recent blog post by Co-Founder and CEO, Kevin Systrom, Instagram made two big announcements. Not only did it share the joy of crossing 1 Billion Users but it also officially announced the launch of IGTV.


Source: Midori Kitty Kitty

IGTV will have a separate, stand-alone app but will also be integrated into our good, ol’ Instagram apps. You’ll gain access to different channels as you follow whoever you’re interested in. Interested in Lisa Eldridge’s makeup tutorials? Dior’s New Ad Campaign with Jennifer Lawrence? All you have to do is follow the respective Instagram accounts and you’ll be able to view their IGTV content.

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Basically, for us, commoners, what this update really means is more minutes and, possibly, hours lost in a vortex of cute cat videos.