Japan lands robot on asteroid


Japan marches into space history as it launched its third robot MASCOT on the surface of asteroid Ryugu, as a follow up to two previous similar robotoids which has been manning the space object since a couple of weeks.

The unraveling of the fascinating story behind the origin of the solar system is what the device seeks to accomplish in a first ever attempt made by robotic explorers while measuring things like temperature and the composition of nearby rocks.

The asteroid sampling space craft Hayabusa2 that made the launches is a part of the German- French mission that has already set to work, delivering images of the asteroid’s surface that are indeed incredible.

Source: Space.com

Operated by the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA, the Hayabusa2 mission launched in 2014 will expect the MASCOT to transmit all the collected data before the box shaped robot runs out of its 16 hour battery life.