Justin Bieber- Hailey Baldwin set marriage rumors afire with latest spotting!

Hailey Baldwin Justin Bieber

Celebrity couples seems to be quite in a rush to tie the knot these days!

While getting engaged to their sweethearts just a few days or at best, weeks into dating, have been the ‘trend’ more recently, exchanging wedding vows also makes it to the priority list just as swiftly.

Celebrated singer Justin Bieber and his model girlfriend Hailey Baldwin got engaged just two months back in July after rekindling their brief 2016 romance somewhere in the middle of this year and while media reports were rife at the sudden announcement, it appears that rings weren’t the only things that had been exchanged by the stars of late.

Source: Pinkvilla

On Thursday evening, Bieber- Baldwin threw in some major surprise quotient for fans and media alike as they were spotted entering a marriage license court house. And while the two stars have been vocal about their fondness for each other and have proclaimed time and again how they cannot ‘wait to get married’, their recent spotting have only fueled marriage rumors.

Eyewitnesses were extravagant in their recounting of the supposed marriage registration, with one even claiming Justin to have shed tears out of affection for his lady love!

Source: Vanity Fair

And in any case, even if the couple did not exactly sign nuptial documents on their recent sojourn to the marriage bureau, it is likely that they will stick to their wedding ceremony dates being speculated sometime this year, given that under state laws, a marriage license remains valid for 60 calendar days, beginning the day after it is issued.

Whatever it might be, the much- in- love couple sure has come a long way in setting relationship goals for everyone out there! And we hope that their legal union will be even more of a spectacular beginning to a new life. Cheers!